Shiseido Maquillage Essence Glamour Rouge Review, Swatches, Photos

Some girls are Shiseido Maquillage girls, some girls aren’t. I happen to be in the “aren’t group”. I dunno why but I’ve never fully embraced the Shiseido Maquillage line.

Shiseido Maquillage is a sub-brand from Shiseido available in Japanese drugstores (and a few select Asian countries as well). Quality is on par with counter makeup and the brand has a very large cult following however I’ve always dabbled my time away with other Shiseido sub-brands like Majolica Majorca.

Recently, my interest did get piqued again (it does sometimes with Maquillage) and I decided to haul some of the new Essence Glamour Rouges.

Let’s take a look!


Bath & Body Works Liplicious Cookies and Scream Lipgloss Review, Swatches, Photos

Here’s the last of the Summer Wine so to speak…!

Bath & Body Works Liplicious Cookies and Scream Lipgloss my final haul from the Halloween Liplicious Collection. I’m still out two glosses, can’t seem to find them around here but I will keep trying, as I must have them all!

*insert evil, world domination laugh here*

Have a jump for the deets on Cookies and Scream!


Bath & Body Works Liplicious Crazy for Candy Corn Lipgloss Review, Swatches, Photos

Ahh Candy Corn.

The irony of candy corn is I love the way it smells, I love the way it looks, I even purchase bags of it during Halloween to keep on my desk in a jar at my office….but I technically don’t like it. Nasty azz candy. Yuk!

But hey, love the idea of it….!



Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Liplicious Lipgloss Gift Set Review, Photos

At some point in your makeup life you’ll decide that you simply have too much lipgloss. Over 10 years into my makeup life and that still hasn’t happened, the Nile (denial) isn’t just a river in Egypt.

Everytime Bath & Body Works decides to release some new Liplicious Collection that’s destined to suck the money from my very bank account, I step back, look away, and tell myself I do not need to go there.

Obviously, I’m not listening to my own very wise advice particularly in the case of the stupid cute Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Liplicious Lipgloss Set.




Bath & Body Works Liplicious Strawberry BooNilla Lip Lipgloss Review, Swatches, Photos

If you’re an 80’s baby you totes remember Franken Berry….fun fact did you know Franken Berry was very popular when it was first introduced supposedly because the first batches of the cereal used a dye that didn’t break down in the body causing poo to be bright pink….a symptom sometimes referred to as “Frankenberry Stool”. True story accordingly to Wiki.

I’ve never experience the phenomenon myself but I honestly can’t say I’d be averse to pink poop, that would kinda rock wouldn’t it?

I haven’t personally seen Franken Berry on my supermarket stores in YEARS and only see Count Chocula but General Mills will actually stop making these “monster” cereals this year and will bring them out seasonal only (in the Fall for Halloween).


That’s my trivia for today.

I was reminded of this because my next review is on the new Bath & Body Works Liplicious Strawberry BooNilla Lip Lipgloss. The taste, the packaging, etc…just reminds me of Franken Berry for some reason!