NAR La Paz Pure Matte Lipstick Review & Swatches

NAR La Paz Pure Matte Lipstick NARS 2013

NARS La Paz Pure Matte Lipstick is a shade that was released with the NARS Fall 2013 Collection. I wouldn’t typically purchase a shade like this for myself as 1. It’s matte and 2. It’s purple.

As crazy as I am and I promise I’m crazy, I typically avoid skipping around the city in purple lipstick. In my experience, some people can rock the socks rock off a great shade of purple. I, however, am not one of those lucky few.

But if you love orchid or purple NARS La Paz Pure Matte Lipstick might be your girl.


Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick Lip Swatches

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick Sizzling Red

Have I told you lately how much I adore Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick? I do I really do! Thanks to everyone who read my review on these fabulous lipsticks and proceeded to recommend me other shades to try.

As of now I think Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick has knocked every single lipstick I ever loved off my radar. This could be my one true HG (holy grail) lipstick!

Have you tried them?

If not you absolutely must!

Take a look at some more lip swatches with some new shades I picked up!


Bare Minerals Take Charge Marvelous Moxie Lipstick Review & Swatches

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick Take Charge

Bare Minerals Take Charge Marvelous Moxie Lipstick is a new, limited edition shade introduces with the Bare Minerals The Power Neutrals Collection.

This is a nude rose that’s almost dusky peach to me. It isn’t a color I’d typically wear to be honest because you know me…I’m always OMG living dead girl lips…I want to wear nude lipsticks but I simply can’t. They suck the kawaii from my very soul.

But I can make an exception here.


Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Review

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick is a huge launch for the brand as it features 22 brand new lipsticks. For lipstick lovers this is a very exciting launch as Urban Decay is renowned for creating pigment rich formulas. So those loving boldness and drama in there lipstick surely would reach for something Urban Decay produced right?

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick brings the drama but they also bring a certain elegance to this launch as well with wearable shades (no purple and blue lipstick here), beautiful yet practical packaging, and a creamy formula that’s sure to please.

Take a look!


Topshop Lips Review & Swatches

Topshop Lips Lipstick

My first venture into Topshop make up and I’m happy to report back I likey! I recently tried the TopShop Lips Lipstick and if you’re a fond fan of creamy semi-matte formulated lipsticks you’re going to adore these.

And by the very way, did you know, that Nordstrom now carries Topshop Make up online (not sure about in store but a huge selection is available on Nordie’s site)? Coolness!

Let’s take a look at these lipsticks that made me hungry to try more TopShop Make up!