NP Set On The Double Pen Mascara and Concealer and NP Set On The Double Pen Liquid Eyeliner and Cream Blush Review and Swatches

For the record, I happen to be one of those people that wants to take EVERYTHING with them when they go on holiday. I seriously have a hard time deciding what to take and what not to take and in some cases I even pack a separate suitcase which contains my shoes for the week or weeks I am away. Sick right?

If I have that hard a time figuring out what footwear to bring can you imagine the drama of packing makeup and skincare? It’s a circus in most cases and I end up with a train case full of crazy stuff.

If you’re like me or you’re more of a simple type you may appreciate the joys of the new NP Set On the Double Pens.

NP Set On The Double Pen 1



MAC Dazzle Lash Review

Slap dazzle onto the name of a product and I’m all over it. Seriously? Dazzle? Loves it. Sparkle, Dazzle, Shimmer…I’m such a girl.

MAC Dazzle Lash appeals simply because of the bloody name. Sounds super awesome and maybe sparkly and shiny too?

MAC Dazzle Lash 3



MAC Opulash Mascara Review

MAC Opulash Mascara 1

MAC calls it, “one of our most exciting mascara launches to date…” I call it boring as hell.

MAC Opulash mascara is another typically bad mascara from MAC. MAC excels at creating incredible eyeshadow, lipgloss, and comes out with some of the hottest makeup collections around but something as simple as mascara they almost always fail at in my experience.

How did MAC Opulash work out for me?



Rimmel Spring Collection 2010: Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara Review

Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara 1

I gotta confess, I really hate simple mascara brushes. I always feel like a large, bushy standard brush simply doesn’t get the job done. I’ve almost always have really crummy results with mascara that has such a brush. When the US mascara market started evolving and embracing really cool brush applicators I was all over it because for me I get the best results with all those bells and whistles rather than a standard old applicator.

I’m telling you all this because when I seen Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara I was positive it would be absolute rubbish.

Was it?



Givenchy Summer Makeup Collection 2010 Review and Swatches

I can’t believe the Givenchy Summer Makeup Collection 2010 is sitting on my desk today. Its all so fast now. Spring is just now peeking up and I’m on to Summer 2010?

It can’t be.

Givenchy Summer Makeup Collection 2010 14

But tis true, Summer arrives early in the land of beauty blogs and Givenchy Summer Makeup Collection 2010 arrives soonish at Sephora (starting May) so I guess its time to tell you all about it so you can start making your wishy lists!