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Dior Airflash Matte Touch Long Lasting Airy Powder Review & Swatches

Dior Airflash Matte Touch Long Lasting Airy Powder

Ok, so Dior Airflash Matte Touch is possibly the most unique, interesting, and fun product I’ve run across this year. Essentially Dior Airflash Matte Touch Long-Lasting Airy Powder is simply a spray powder. I actually expected this to be some sort of mattifying spray kinda like Urban Decay De-Slick or even one of Skindinavia facial mists. Of course, I expected it to be a finer mist….what I didn’t expect is a face powder, in a can, that I can mist, on my face.

Dude…the coolness!


Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair CC Cream Review & Swatches

Yes to Grapefruit Correct Repair CC Cream

Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair CC Cream ($15.99) recently became available in two shade selections just in time for Fall 2013. The CC Cream rage is just starting to pick up here in the US and I’m quite excited to test out many of these offerings.

For me CC Cream is an obviously great pick as I have fairly ok skin that doesn’t need a ton of coverage. I rely on BB Creams to brighten up duller skin and keep my skin hydrated through the day but they do run quite pigmented. CC Cream is the next greatest solution as they typically run lighter and have more perfecting abilities but don’t necessarily have the coverage of a BB Cream.

In my case I’m looking for a CC Cream to brighten, keep my skin moistened, and even my skin tone with a formula that’s lightweight and breathable.

I think Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair CC Cream gets some of this down but it could be a little disappointing in some aspects.

Take a look!


Benefit Rockateur Review & Swatches

Benefit Rockateur Sneak Peek

Benefit Rockateur ($28) is an exciting release for Fall 2013 and the next in a full range of box of powder blushes from Benefit. Benefit Rockateur is the 7th blush released from the brand and I can’t help but ask the older beauty junkies, remember when it was only Hoola?

Hopefully at some point Benefit releases an Ultra Plush Gloss to pair up with the blush, don’t lie, I know you were thinking this too!

How’d I feel about Rockateur?


E.L.F. Studio HD Lifting Concealer Review & Swatches

E.L.F. Studio HD Lifting Concealer

I’ve heard some great things about the new E.L.F. Studio HD Lifting Concealer and being the concealer junkie I am I decided to haul a few shades. At $3 I think it would be rather great if this turned into some sort of HG (holy grail) concealer. Seriously, where can you get three dollar concealer that performs well?

They got some of it correct with the formula so you might be surprised but in the end…


Laneige Perfect Pro BB Kit On Trend

Laneige Perfect Pro BB KIT

The biggest hit in Korea in 2012 was the vibrating BB and Laneige Perfect Pro BB Kit is on trend combing the popular BB Cream formula with a vibrating applicator. I think the vibrating BB has died down some but I am seeing a little of it here in the US at the moment as Pop introduced it’s own CC Cream with a separate buzzing applicator you can purchase to apply it. I do wonder if by Spring 2014 the trend might arrive on US shores finally and if so will every brand embrace the same mentality of packaging the two products, BB Cream and sponge, separately. If so I dislike the idea immensely.

Laneige Perfect Pro BB Kit is just one example of a set that features both products at a single price. BRTC also does similar sets which include a single formulation of one of their own popular BB Cream as well as handheld vibrating sponge applicator.

Let’s take a look!