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Nip + Fab Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix Review

Nip + Fab Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix

Snail mucus
, snake venom, viper venom…it’s all the rage in Asia and we get taste of it with Nip + Fab Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix this Spring.

Nip + Fab Fiver Venom Wrinkle Fix is a new and very interesting primer slash serum that does a little number on those fine lines that might be popping up on your face.

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Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Review & Swatches

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge 5

I’m feeling like I’m committing makeup suicide when I admit to not liking Shiseido Lacquer Rouge. I mean there isn’t anything Shiseido makes that I don’t like so there must be something wrong me if I don’t like Shiseido Lacquer Rouge right?

Maybe I have a fever?

Maybe I’m sick?

Is it me? Or does everyone feel this way?


Eco Tools Fresh & Flawless Complexion Set is the Cheap & the Cute!

Eco Tools Fresh & Flawless Complexion Set

I have passed by the Eco Tools Fresh & Flawless Complexion Set for far too long at my Harmons. Next trip, I am not second guessing a purchase, I am buying!

I have WAY too many brushes but this is such a darling set with five brushes for a mere $14.99.

And did I gush about the handles yet?


KATE Jewelry Mode Eyes Review & Swatches

KATE Jewelry Mode Eyes 1

KATE Jewelry Mode Eyes Palettes launched a bit ago but I never actually reviewed them. I fear Japanese brands sometimes have repetitive colors in new eyeshadow palettes which somehow I’ve grown out of. I mean I get excited when KATE does a new palette but typically they release that new palette in the same shades over and over again so it starts to feel like the same exact thing to me.

Can’t believe I just said that as I’m all about KATE Eyeshadow but it is true. Lavshuca is guilty of similiar.

KATE is one (only) of Kanebo’s edger brands. It’s marked with a goth-y feel but the actual makeup is very tame and natural. Jewelry Mode Eyes is a simpler palette compared to some of KATE’s normal range of eyeshadow palettes as it contains merely three shades versus five. Honestly, as much as I love a range of shades to play with I find Jewelry Mode Eyes simplifies eyeshadow application which I’m cool with. Especially in the morning when I just don’t have the time or the patience to use five different eyeshadow shades in a single look.

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Prestige Flawless & Ready BB Beauty Balm Review & Swatches

Prestige Flawless & Ready BB Beauty Balm BB Cream

Prestige Flawless & Ready BB Beauty Balm ($11.50) recently launched in drugstores for Spring 2013. This is the first BB Cream Prestige has launched and it’s available in two shade selections.

It’s probably one of the better BB Creams I’ve tried that launched at the drugstore however, the coverage is still a little too sheer in comparison to Asian formulas.

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