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Bath & Body Works Liplicious Potent Pucker Review, Swatches, Photos

Bath Body Works Liplicious Potent Pucker 001

You guys excited about all the Bath & Body Works Halloween Lipglosses releasing? 10! GASP!

Like I need to add 10 more lipglosses to my collection, groan, head desk.

I’ve got my hands on four shades so far but haven’t had luck finding the others but the official release date for those is August 25th anyway so I guess no one has ‘em out yet.


Let’s take a peek at Potent Pucker.


MAC Me Over Fluidline Review, Swatches, Photos

MAC Me Over Fluidline 001

The MAC Me Over Collection launching later this August will include four shades of Fluidline. I thought all the shades I received very fitting for Fall.

Let’s take a peek!


MAC Me Over! Shadesticks Review, Swatches, Photos

MAC Me Over Shadesticks 002

For a very long time I wasn’t a big believer in MAC Shadesticks. I used a single shade one day and instantly I was converted!

So I’m happy to report that the MAC Me Over! Collection will feature four shades of Shadesticks (some brought back from the past) which don’t get nearly enough love lately after the release of Paint Pots.

Check ‘em!


MAC Me Over! Lipstick & Lipglass Review, Swatches, Photos

MAC Me Over Lipstick Lipglass 002

I rarely consider backing up shades since my stash is large and it’s absurd to buy duplicate products but two shades from the upcoming MAC Me Over! Collection has me rethinking the cardinal rule of never buying the same color twice.



MAC Me Over! Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, Photos

MAC Me Over Eyeshadow 001

MAC Me Over releases August 25th and is a collection inspired by the Fall 2010 MAC Me Over! contest which was a search for for the essence of what makes MAC people beautiful. The online contest asked fans to submit a photo and video finishing the statement, “MAC Me Over! because…”

Six individuals truly stood out from the submissions and were selected to fly out New York City and experience a superstar level photo shoot and collaborative makeover with industry luminaries such as world-renowned photographer Michael Thompson, A-list stylist Paul Cavaco, hair guru Serge Normant, makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, and of course, our very own Creative Director of M·A·C Cosmetics Worldwide, James Gager, who oversaw the project from its inception and hand-selected the winners.

This collection reminds us why MAC is so near and dear to our hearts, it reminds that makeup is about YOU whoever YOU are…Boy, girl, black white, old, young, man, woman…!

Let’s take a look at some of the shadows released with the collection!