Yeondukong Easy Brightening Stick Review & Swatches

Yeondukong Easy Brightening Stick6

Memebox recently launched the Yeondukong Easy Brightening Stick as well as Yeondukong Blush Sticks and Contouring ones. This collection of face sticks is actually a collaborated effort between Yeondukong and Memebox! Yeondukong is a beauty guru from Korea (She looks all of 16 years old! Lucky girl!) who does youTube videos.

Since I’m a concealer junkie of course, I had to grab the Yeondukong Easy Brightening Stick ($12) first! This is actually an excellent contouring tool for use under the wells of your eyes and towards your upper cheek bones as it’ll brighten up the area completely. Some gurus have done the same using products like Benefit Lemonaid which I’ve always thought was a damn nifty trick (never tried it myself!)

Let’s take a look at this little brightening stick!


Colourpop Topanga Lippie Stix Review & Swatches

Colourpop Topanga

Colourpop Topanga Lippie Stix, yes, named after the Boy Meets World character, is one of several new Colourpop Lippie Stix shades that launched with the Colorpop Summer 2015 Collection. I wasn’t a follower of Boy Meets World but I know Girl Meets World was met with great excitement by the fandom. One thing I do know the name Topanga just begged to be made into a lipstick or a blush shade dontcha agree?

Topanga, for some reason it just screams Summer to me.

Let’s take a peek at this shade!


MAC Tumble Dry Lustre Lipstick Review & Swatches

MAC Tumble Dry

MAC Tumble Dry Lustre Lipstick is one of four limited edition lipsticks that launched with the MAC Wash & Dry Summer 2015 Collection.

I have a love hate relationship with MAC Lustre Lipstick. Sometimes I’m totally into ’em but sometimes a certain shade doesn’t quite look right in this particular formula and I end up hating on the finish.


Unfortunately, Tumble Dry Lustre Lipstick is one such shade!


MAC Domestic Diva Lipglass Review & Swatches

MAC Domestic Diva Lipglass

MAC Domestic Diva Lipglass ($17.50) is one of four limited edition lipglosses that launched with the MAC Wash & Dry Summer 2015 Collection.

If you’re a pink lipgloss fan I’m such Domestic Diva will be appealing!


NYC Color Cosmetics Expert Last Lip Color Matte Review & Swatches

NYC Color Cosmetics Expert Last Lip Color Matte

My childhood is ruined thanks to the Jem trailer but at least I have NYC Color Cosmetics Expert Last Lip Color Matte to look forward to.

When I heard on Reddit several hundred years ago that they were doing a Jem live action movie I proceeded to run around the room in circles of excitement. I spent my childhood (and yeah, much of my adulthood) watching and rewatching the Jem cartoon! I had the dolls (How freaking cool were the dolls? The could kick Barbie’s a$$! They were HUGE!), I had the Rock Backstager with Speaker (which I betrayed Jem with by using it with my Barbies), I had the Rockin’ Roadster (Love the commercial where Jem ditches Kimber for Rio! So much for sisters before misters!), and yes, I even had the Glitter ‘n Gold Roadster.

Imagine my dismay after watching the movie trailer. Where are the Misfits? Why is Molly Ringwald Jem’s mom, aunt, keeper!? Where’s Starlight House? Where’s the truly outrageous music?

Excuse me why I pacify myself with $1.99 budget friendly lipstick from NYC because I need at least one awesome item in my life after this hot mess!