Clinique Stay Matte Hydrator Review

Clinique Stay Matte Hydrator 1

Clinique Stay Matte Hydrator is an oil-free lightweight moisturizer that promises to instantly refine pores and control excess oil.

With Summer around the corner this is something I can definitely get on board with as my drier skin starts to show signs of shine around my forehead and cheeks.

Take a look oily skin users, perhaps this one will be a pick for you!

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KATE Cream Cheek Review & Swatches

KATE Cream Cheek 2

Japanese brand KATE, released a few shades of their Cream Cheek Blush for Spring 2012. Not being a terribly big fan of cream blushes I decided to indulge anyway as these were really cheap, really cute, and I wanted something I could easily take with me on travels.

Let’s take a peek at KATE Cream Cheek and see what the fuss is about.

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NYX The Crimson Amulet Collection Palette Review and Swatches

NYX The Crimson Amulet Collection Palette 12

Oh yo is today not the perfect day for reviewing my NYX The Crimson Amulet Collection Palette inspired by the Dark Shadows movie?

I’m away for the weekend so I won’t be seeing the flick but I’m not entirely sure I’m missing much. Love me some Johnny but not sure I’m loving me some Johnny in a Dark Shadows comedy rendition. I think Burton dropped the ball with this, it had the potential to be so incredibly dark and goth…!

But about this new NYX Crimson Amulet Palette.

NYX The Crimson Amulet Collection Palette 10

Take a peek!

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Sephora Crystal Gloss Review & Swatches

Sephora Crystal Gloss 92

Sephora Crystal Gloss is a release of four Pantone inspired shades. I’m unsure if these are limited edition or not but I suspect by the time Summer is over they may get the axe and end up on clearance so I’d suggest grabbing them now before missing them completely during some mad grab sale.

Let’s take a peek!

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NYX Bronzer & Blusher Combo Review & Swatches

NYX Bronzer Blusher Combo 21

It’s been a while since I ran across a product where I’m spreading the good word about “YOU needing this”. NYX Bronzer & Blusher Combo happens to fall into the you NEED this category.

Yes, buy it, now, get all the shades, don’t delay.

NYX Bronzer Blusher Combo 23

Jump ahead for a look.

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