Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer Review & Swatches

Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer 4

I love the original Star Trek a little too much but I have to admit most of my younger teen years were spent with every single episode of Generations. I’ve seen all the eppys at least twice and really shouldn’t admit that to the whole world….

Of course, I did and I do have the biggest crush on Wil Wheaton. The boy can do no wrong, he’s my geek god.

Everyone, including Wil himself, gave the Wesley Crusher character a ton of $h1t but I was a geeky teenager that happened to be a girl so Wesley Crusher was kinda my fantasy man growing up. Wil particularly took part in hating on the role but it was a time in his life that was understandable. And plus, it really had to be hard dealing with a fandom that simply detested his role in the series.

So I must admit, that this made me tear up a little.

Awwwww Wil Wheaton all grown up now and finally ready to embrace Wesley Crusher….I shed a tear maybe two….

Enjoy Generations fans!

For the non Trekkie fans….

I bring you Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer!


Cheap Thrills with NYX Dramatic Chromatic Eyeshadow Pigment

NYX Dramatic Chromatic Eyeshadow Pigment Swatches 4

NYX Dramatic Chromatic Eyeshadow Pigment, just rolls off the tongue. I love that. Dramatic Chromatic…!


No seriously, NYX Dramatic Chromatic Eyeshadow Pigment a super cheap thrill!


Milani Matte Powder Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Milani Matte Powder Eyeshadow 2

Oh hello matte lovers!

You’ll be wanting to haul the new Milani Matte Powder Eyeshadows your next trip to CVS I’m sure. These come in a range of vibrant shades and a few neutrals too to keep all the matte lovers happy.

Take a peek!


Skin 79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream Review & Swatches

Skin 79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream 1

I’ve tried numerous BB Creams in the course of the last several years and I can only list a few that I really love. BB Creams are really a personal experience, I believe you have to try a variety of them before you get to the formula and shade that’s just right for you, your skin tone, and type.

Skin 79’s Gold and Pink labels are favorites of mine but above all else Skin 79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream is by far my very favorite. This is another of my HG (holy grail) BB Creams of choice which is why today I’ve hauled it out for a review.

Take a look!


Canmake Shimmer Jelly Eyes Swatches

Canmake Shimmer Jelly Eyes 9

I couldn’t resist the allure of Japanese Brand, Canmake Shimmer Jelly Eyes for long.

I picked up two shades….

Did I need them? Probably not but they were so pretty!

Here’s a look!