Forever 21 Love & Beauty Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Blush 001

Didja know that Forever 21 has its own house brand of cosmetics called Love & Beauty? I haven’t been paying proper attention, blinded by all the damn accessories whenever I go into their stores, because I seriously never pursued their beauty offerings.

Have you?

I’m going to explore them and tell you what I think starting with Love & Beauty Blush!



geoGirl ES Erase Screen Concealer Review, Swatches, Photo

geoGirl ES Erase Screen Concealer 003

People, let me tell you, these old eyes need some serious concealing power because I simply don’t get enough sleep and the baggage under here is enough to take on my European Tour.


Occasionally I like going really light on the concealer particularly when I’ve had eight hours of sleep and just don’t want a ton of makeup on my face.

And right now, that lightweight concealer of choice is from geoGirl, a collection of products that are actually made for tweens but I figure my mentality is that of a tween so I’m safe.



Bath & Body Works Liplicious Strawberry BooNilla Lip Lipgloss Review, Swatches, Photos

Bath Body Works Liplicious Strawberry BooNilla Lip Lipgloss 001

If you’re an 80’s baby you totes remember Franken Berry….fun fact did you know Franken Berry was very popular when it was first introduced supposedly because the first batches of the cereal used a dye that didn’t break down in the body causing poo to be bright pink….a symptom sometimes referred to as “Frankenberry Stool”. True story accordingly to Wiki.

I’ve never experience the phenomenon myself but I honestly can’t say I’d be averse to pink poop, that would kinda rock wouldn’t it?

I haven’t personally seen Franken Berry on my supermarket stores in YEARS and only see Count Chocula but General Mills will actually stop making these “monster” cereals this year and will bring them out seasonal only (in the Fall for Halloween).


That’s my trivia for today.

I was reminded of this because my next review is on the new Bath & Body Works Liplicious Strawberry BooNilla Lip Lipgloss. The taste, the packaging, etc…just reminds me of Franken Berry for some reason!



Hard Candy World Balmination Review, Swatches, Photos

Hard Candy World Balmination 002

If lip balms were like an army of zombies I could take over the world with my collection, it would be a World Balmination.

I don’t have an army of zombies but I wish I did, I do have an army of lip balms though and the newest to grace my collection is Hard Candy World Balmination.

Brilliant stuff and a beauty budget pick for you back to schoolers out there.



Stila Living the Life in Laguna Swatches

Stila Living the Life in Laguna Swatches 001

Fare thee well Stila Beach Palettes, your chapter comes to a close with the release of the final Beach Girl Palette, Living the Life in Laguna.

Might I add that this could prove the best of the five palettes released this Summer?

Check the swatches tell me what YOU think was the best Beach Girl Palette!