Unforgettable Moments Lip Balm Dewy Rose Review

Unforgettable Moments Lip Balm Dewy Rose 3

Anyone check out the Payless Beauty selection yet? Yes, your local shoe store has cosmetics, whoa!

I picked up a few pieces and I’ve been busy exploring a little bit to see what sorts of products are worth your dollar and whether you need ‘em or not.

Today I have one of the Unforgettable Moments Lip Balms in Dewy Rose. It’s cute little pot of balm for $3.99, could prove a sweet budget fine.

Let’s check it out!


Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer Review, Swatches, Photos

Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer 1

Make-Up Artist, Eve Pearl, has a quite a following online. Her products are spoken of very highly and I’ve seen alot of hype surrounding them which of course made me curious and eager to try some of it out for myself.

My first purchase?

Obvious one for long term readers of Musings, conceal! I always head to the concealer first prior to checking out anything else and Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer held a certain appeal.


Check it out!


Avon Healthy Makeup Mousse Foundation Review, Swatches, Photos

Avon Healthy Makeup Mousse Foundation 1

I have an odd obsession with mousse foundations, one of my favs is from Bourjois Paris.

One of the reasons I love mousse so much is because it gives my skin such a beautiful finish however in most cases a formula such as this is more of a mattifying one and not so fab for drier skin like my own.

Avon Healthy Makeup Mousse Foundation is part of the new Avon Healthy Makeup champagne is supposedly helps to keep moisture locked in.

Does it work?



NYX Concealer Magic Wand Review and Swatches

NYX Concealer Magic Wand 7

I’ve tried many concealers in my day and consider myself a tad on the concealer obsessed side of things. I have dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness that I really want erased so I can appear brighter, fresher, and wider awake which is why I’m constantly purchasing and rotating endless concealers, in the hopes, that I’ll finally come across “the one”.

On my travels through budget land I came across NYX Concealer Magic Wand and decided, hey, why not, cheap concealing power, let’s try.

Here are my thoughts!


Zoe & Zac Naturals Island Dunes Eye and Lip Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Zoe Zac Naturals Island Dunes Eye and Lip Palette 1

Honestly, makeup essentials at Payless is a surprisingly interesting adventure. I headed into store to take a peek out of morbid curiosity and left with a few little items to check out and review here.

If you didn’t already know Payless has launched two exclusive collections in stores one of which is the Zoe & Zac Naturals Makeup Collection. I hauled one palette from the brand and decided to use it this morning.

What did I think?

Jump ahead for it.