MAC Wonder Woman Review, Swatches, Photos, Overview


I feel like I’ve been out of touch for years since starting the round up of MAC Wonder Woman reviews. This is just a brief overview including links to everything I reviewed from the collection plus my final thoughts, overall impressions, and basic babble.


Some of you are incredibly excited and some not so much. I find I’m stuck in the middle somewhere. I don’t know what I expected or wanted from the packaging but I do think MAC kept to a comic book theme and successfully created packaging around that theme. No, it’s not particularly cute or adorable but I don’t think you can rightfully deny it does have the Wonder Woman vibe running through it. I don’t dislike it nor do I love it, I’m still of the mentality that it is what it is.


Rants about inflated pricing have risen up here and there and I do not think they are justified. In some case you’re getting over double the amount of product for a few extra dollars so proceeding to slam MAC for raising prices, well, I just don’t think it’s fair. Why MAC choose to make items larger is beyond me but I do dig the entire “wonder” size product. Granted most of hardcore collector’s of makeup do not need that much more extra product but I kinda think it adds something special to the launch. MSF, Blush, Mascara, Eyeliner, and Lipglasses are all extra large sizes.

Color Selection

Quite a few shades here have been available in the past or already available from Pro or the general catalog which does disappoint plus none of the shades are particularly special outside of a very few select items that wow’ed me. You may personally beg to differ and feel the shades are amazing, personally I don’t feel that way. I also feel like none of the shades are really themed around Wonder Woman as in do you think she’d wear some of these colors but than again I can’t really say what shades I’d pick out for her either as she seems like a rather no nonsense kinda makeup girl eh?

Products Worth the Haul

If I had to pick the products I most liked and items I think are worth grabbing up they would be:

  • Valiant Eye Quad
  • Defiance Eye Quad
  • Both Powder Blush Duos in Amazon Princess and Mighty Aphrodite (particularly Mighty Aphrodite which is a must have in my humblest)
  • Both MSF in Pink Power and Golden Lariat (If you have to choose go with Pink Power for creamier skin and Golden Lariat for darker tones)

If you’re really cutting the budget close or none of the items or packaging appeal to you I’d definitely, at the very least, get Mighty Aphrodite, it’s truly a gorgeous shade.

The lipsticks and lipglasses didn’t have any shades that I felt were essential must have shades. Opulash is great to pick up if you haven’t already purchased it prior and the pigments are just a bust in my humblest, don’t waste your cash on something you can’t use on your eyes (three are not eye safe).


Overall, Wonder Woman was interesting to play with but not one of MAC’s greatest collections. Collectors and fans will easily adore it and possibly have to have every single piece however casual makeup users will probably be a bit more picky about what they do and do not indulge in.

Some items are special enough to warrant a purchase where as most didn’t have me salivating.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts once you have product in your hands! MAC Wonder Woman is available now online at and pre-booking all over the place if you’re wanting to head in store for your goodies!

Here’s the round up of my reviews, swatches, and photos!


MAC Wonder Woman Penultimate Eye Liner Review

A “wonder” edition of MAC’s PenUltimate releases with the MAC Wonder Woman Collection. It’s the last piece I have to review for you in the collection and not necessarily one you’ll need if you already snatched it up with MAC Venomous Villains unless of course, you absolutely have to have it due to the special packaging.

Let’s take a look!


MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses Review, Swatches, Photos


Hope you’re enjoying the MAC Wonder Woman coverage. I have more upcoming for you today but a few side notes. First off, I’m really behind on comments, e-mail, and posts. I apologize for the lack of replies in some comments, I read every one but just haven’t had a sec to answer all of them! Sorry about that! I did want to thank those of you who stepped up for me to reply to questions in comments that I may not have replied to, you rock!

Also a few comments have been ending up in my spam box and unintentionally deleted so if you haven’t seen a comment posted and its been a while since you posted it please let me know as it could have been eaten up by spam!

I think that’s about the extent of updates around here!

Now for more Wonder Woman!

Shall we take a peek at MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses?



MAC Wonder Woman Mineralize Skinfinish Review, Swatches, Photos

If you’re a super big fan of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish you have to be incredibly excited about the two releasing with Wonder Woman simply due to their HUGE, “wonder” size. These are a whooping 0.70 oz versus the regular size of 0.35. That’s twice the size! Mind you, we probably don’t need that much MSF but I kinda dig the larger size…

Check ’em!


MAC Wonder Woman Eye Quad Review, Swatches, Photos

You may or may not have your eye on one (or all) of the three MAC Wonder Woman Eye Quads. I actually got rather excited about Valiant since I’m such a sucker for greens. Other shades include Lady Justice (blues) and Defiance (pinks).

I definitely understood that MAC came up with Valiant to mimic the villain’s colors and Lady Justice speaks to me of Wonder Woman but I’m not so sure where Defiance comes into play but I’m honestly not complaining as the shades are a nice selection of pinks I can get on board with.

Let’s take a look!