Lorac Cheek Stamp Blush Review and Swatches

For those who are hitting the Lorac VIP Section hard this season I thought I’d take a second out to share some swatches and a review of the Lorac Cheek Stamp Blushes I hauled.

Lorac Cheek Stamp Blush 3

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Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

Hey you guys remember Xanadu?

Xanaduuuuuuuuuuuu, Xanaduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooooooo, now we are here, in Xanadoooooo!

Shrug what?  Loves it!

Olive Newton-John rolling her way around town on roller skates and claiming to be a Muse (we all that was totally not true, there is only room for one Muse around here) was the awesome back in the day!

Hey, you know what else you can roll on?

Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow, the busy girl’s guide to easy eye shadow application and go.

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Asuka’s Mystical Elegant Lip Brush Pen for Your Lips Vegan Lip Conditioner Review and Swatches

Good morning world!

Today I’m all about Asuka’s Mystical Elegant Lip Brush Pen. I’m sporting some right now and loving how it makes my pout red and delicious looking.

Etsy Lip Pen 1

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Lorac Lip Polish Review and Swatches

I’m probably totally dating myself here, I hate when I do that, but I remember the first time I experienced Lorac Lip Polish. It was a few years back, I’m saying 8 years maybe 9. They had a gift set that was called Star something? And it included a single Lip Polish and a Lorac Cheek Stain. Now I got my hands on it and was excited as all hecks but was pretty disappointed after trying it out. Note to self, Lorac Cheek Stain, not good. Turns out I was far from impressed with the entire kit, no good.


I hit up the Lorac VIP sale and took note the Lorac Lip Polish were on sale for $4.99 and I thought well hey there I can try you again at that price. I proceeded to plop one in my cart…soon after I ended up ordering four more!



Etsy Musings: Beautiful Twists Vegan Lip Conditioner

All this gushing about Ella Dean in my latest Muse’s Gift Guide has me wanting to review her newest offering Vampire Dentist’s Toothpaste for Your Lips aka Vegan Lip Conditioner. Now most times Ella’s popular Lip Conditioners come in a balm much like a chapstick but she now has this new style which is sort of a liquid glossy lip conditioner, loves it! As much as I love the balms I must say this is even better yet.

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