Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills All Eye Want Palette Photos

Did you hear the Bieb and and ‘Riah are collaborating on some sort of Christmas song


They re-recorded her All I Want for Christmas….OMG I’m positive this is going to give me hours of comic relief this Holiday season. I can’t wait. I wanna see if Bieb can hit a high a note as Mariah can.

Thing is, All I want for Christmas is NOT Bieb and ‘Riah….just Anastasia Beverly Hills All Eye Want Palette.



Anastasia Beverly Hills All Eye Want Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills proves it’s not all about the brows with their All Eye Want Palette.

It’s all I want, like now.



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Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Wax Kit Review

Ok, gather round kids. Let’s see if we can all sit nicely and try not to giggle while discussing our lady whiskers. Damn straight I said whiskers.

The Muse has a stash and she’s girl enough to admit it.

Here’s the deal between threading and waxing I’d say my mustache stays away for about two weeks time. Rolling into the end of week two I’m starting to sport a bit of a Frito Bandito mustache going on. Now the problem with this would be that my brows don’t catch up to my stash. So I’m kinda sitting around at the end of week two and hoping and wishing the dreaded uni-brow would grow in already so I can make one trip to the salon instead of two to get both the stash under control and the brows in one shot. But sadly, it never works out that way so I sit around and wait for my brows to catch up to the massive amount of hair that’s now growing on my upper lip because I’m too damn busy to go to the salon twice.

Let’s put it this way, it’s a scary sight.

Now I have a cool way to whisk away whiskers while my brows are busy growing back in!