Avon Horizon Blush by Jillian Dempsey Color Comparisons

Ok so I finally laid my hands on Pink Horizon which I was moaning about sometime last week (Click!).

Since we were all musing and wondering what the hell the difference was between Pink and Apricot Horizon I decided to do pictures.

I was finally able to locate Pink Horizon on E-bay since it’s still unavailable at Avon’s website yet but after much bitching, moaning, whining, and pissing about how much I wanted it I scored on E-bay and it popped into my mail box on Saturday! I was properly chuffed to have it as I was so utterly in love with Apricot Horizon I knew that the pink variation would be true love as well!

I wasn’t wrong. As soon as I opened Pink Horizon I fell deeply in love once again! It’s perfectly pigmented, beautiful, and gives my face the perfect touch of color. I said it before and I’ll say it again these are well worth the effort of tracking down and purchasing for your own!

Pink is truly pink. After the many musings we had over how Apricot Horizon looked so pink I’m happy to report that pink is truly pink. The pink variation of this is a truer pink then it’s peach sister and you can obviously see when the two are side by side which is the peach version and which is the pink. Apricot Horizon even appears more peachy then pink when it’s beside Pink Horizon.

Color pay off is different from Apricot and I get more of a pinched pink look from Pink Horizon and more of a peachy glow from Apricot Horizon.

All and all the colors are most definately different!

After all that babbling here they are side by side:

Apricot Horizon

Pink Horizon

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Jillian Dempsey For Avon Horizon Blush

You may recall my babblings about Jillian Dempsey’s new blush from Avon a week or so ago! Having temporary memory lost? Click here!



The Muse was lucky enough to test out this new blush and can I just say one thing, AWESOME! Oh my god it’s my holy grail blush *holds it close and never lets it go*.

OMG isn’t it pretty?


Ok you shouldn’t be sitting here reading this anymore! RUN! NOW! Get to Avon and order it! It’s awesome! It’s on sale this week…am I tempting you yet?

Avon and I have a strange relationship. I pretend to hate it and it surprises me with sweetly awesome products!

This blush is sincerely amazing. I’m shocked and delighted at the quality, the price, the pigmentation, and the awesome packaging!

Let me start by saying that I’m hyperventilating a little bit because it appears that Avon only has this in one of the two shades. I could be in panic mode at any given moment if I’m unable to get the other color! In my possession I have Apricot Horizon but the blush is also available in Pink Horizon and I needs it, I needs it NOW!

I’m not sure if Pink Horizon sold out but I sincerely doubt it as it just hit the Avon site not a few days ago. Maybe it’s just not yet in stock? Believe me I’m at a stage where I’m searching E-bay for it so you know I’m seriously into this blush right?

First of all let’s give props to Jillian Dempsey for not only having a super hot husband but for also creating killer blush! I love you Jill, I love your husband more, but I definately have love for you after trying out this blush!

The blush is a gradation blush that gradually goes from a lighter shade to a darker shade in the compact. This basically means one side is really vibrant while the other is very soft. You can go from a daytime look to an evening look with a quick swipe of your blush! Both sides are extremely pigmented, silky, and beautiful on. Whether you want to use one side of the blush or mix it up and swipe across both sides you’ll get a gorgeous splash of color. When I was testing this I felt like mixing the colors up gave me the best look. The color is entitled Apricot Horizon but I get more of a pink feel from it with a tiny underlay of a deep, sunset coral. If I use the left hand side of the palette I end up with a rather subdued natural look but if I use the right hand side I get a vibrant, yummie flushed look that I favor! As you know the Muse prefers her blush “popping”! If I mix the two up I feel like the lighter shade really calms the darker shade and I get the near perfect color that makes me look like I just stepped inside from a cold Winter’s night! This is a look I favor so it’s pure perfection for me!

Swatchy! (My cam takes crummy pics when it comes to swatches but hope this helps some!)


The compact is quite a lovely slick affair and when opened it has a large mirror with Jillian’s signature on it. The blush is pretty large for the price of $7.99 USD (regularly $10 USD) so you do get quite a nice bit of product for under 10 bucks! It comes with a brush but it deserves to be said that the brush isn’t all that great. It sheds and it’s just too small to really work the blush correctly. If you use this to blend you must be a master artist because I ended up looking like a clown when I applied with it! A big, poofy brush is recommended for use with the blush in the Muse’s humble opinion!

I have one very tiny minor rant about this. It’s pure perfection in a compact however I found that when using my MAC 129 (or even the brush it came with for that matter) I ended up with major powder burst overload. Swiping the brush across the blush caused a major cloud of blush to spill everywhere! I’m saddened to think how much product I am wasting each time I use the blush icon sad

Now I’m going to tell you something that’ll knock your socks off. Get two. Seriously I’m totally ordering another one of these bad boys. I dunno if this is LE but it’s a safe bet to say in a month or so you probably won’t find it on Avon so might as well get two while the going is good. It’s rare I do backups on anything. I have far too much product to enjoy and buying doubles in my case is ridiculous. But I highly suggest grabbing two! I’m all over ordering another one and please for the love of cosmetics can we please see that Pink Horizon in stock soon? I’m dying here!

All I can say is fab job on this Avon and Jillian! I hope to see Jillian create more products for Avon like this one in the future!

This blush is most definately Muse Approved for purchase!



Avon Horizon Blush by Jillian Dempsey

I saw Avon’s new blush in the latest issue of Bazaar Magazine (Avon in Bazaar? I know right? What the hell!?).

The blush in question is entitled Horizon Blush and is designed by Jillian Dempsey. A long time ago, in a land far away Jillian Dempsey was actually a leading firgure for Deluxe Cosmetics (remember that brand?) but more importantly, dig this, Jillian Dempsey is married to Patrick Dempsey. Who would’ve have guessed? Sure they share the same last name but I didn’t know this was his wife (it could be because that I’m in denial he’s married with kids as I still have that beautiful fantasy of me running around Seattle Grace in a naughty nurse uniform while he chases me around with a syringe in one hand and a can of whipped cream in the other!)

G10081+ +Naughty+Nurse 1

I’m thinking to myself that it can’t be too fun around that house. I mean how does she introduce herself? Hello I’m Jillian, yes my husband is McDreamy and I work for Avon. Ouch. Jillian, honey, quit Avon or let the Muse have McDreamy for her very own!

mcdreamy 267x400

In all seriousness Jillian has some redeeming qualities, one of which happens to be the new blush she created for Avon! Thanks Jillian you aren’t at the level of McDreamy but you’re slowly gaining speed!

The Muse likes this blush because it reminds her of the Solar Duo Blush that was released for the Body Shop Summer Collection last year! Sadly the Muse only has one of the two colors released from that collection as she broke one when it fell off her vanity! Twas a sad sad day! But now I have these new blushes from Avon to invest my time (and money) into and maybe they can replace my gorgeous Solar Duo Blushes!

prod 1048262 XL

The blush is available in two shades of peach and pink. These are gradation blushes that can be applied for a sheer wash of color or build up for intensity. One end holds a light side and one end holds a darker side of each color.

So…these are $7.99 USD (I know, not what you’d expect from a lady married to the 7 million dollar man but hey a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!) and I’m questioning how pigmented they can be but I must remind myself that Avon had shocked my socks off a few months ago with it’s rather awesome Cynthia Rowley Collection (Missed my review? Click here to read up)!

I think I want these (minus the cheap brush they come with! Thanks very much!). Count these on the Muse’s wish list! I’m going to give Jillian a try and maybe I can think up a rather clever nick for her while I’m at it hmmm McMakeup? McAvon? McBlush?

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Cynthia Rowley For Avon

As some of you may or may not know Cynthia Rowley had a cosmetic collection out sometime ago. You can read about it by heading over to PJ’s site. A wonderful article with pictures await you at A Touch of Blusher! Click!

When I heard that Avon was doing a new collection with Cynthia Rowley I went into want mode as I had read PJ’s article and was intrigued plus the cute design of the packaging, as always, sold me.


Aside from mark I have never tried anything Avon prior to this that I know of…maybe a lipbalm or something ages ago? I can’t really recall every buying any Avon before this. I do ADORE mark and give it a big hearty recommendation but Avon I know nearly nothing about.

The bad news is Avon sucks in regards to delivery. The entire process of ordering online and receiving the Cynthia Rowley Collection I ordered for myself and a friend took about two weeks I believe or more.

First of all the order took about a week to arrive which is fine since that’s about the time it takes Urban Decay to get my goodies to me (standard delivery).

Second rant I have with Avon is the fact that two powders arrived broken into a zillion pieces icon sad However, I can’t rant too much as a short call to customer service and they told me keep the broken powders and we’ll send two new ones out right away!

Another week went by and finally I got the powders.

The third major, major rant I have with Avon is that all the cosmetics I ordered appeared used. The boxes were crushed, the shadows had little chips in them, the lipstick had a small crack, and the brush on one of my glosses was all twisted up. To say I was pissed is an understatement.

This particularly bothered me because half this order was for a good friend and I didn’t want her thinking that I was opening her items up and tried them or something!

After all this drama I have to give a really, really surprised and great review for the entire Cynthia Rowley Collection.

For the price I was expecting it all to be utter rubbish and a complete waste of cash but I’m happy to say even though the ordering process was traumatic in the long run it was worth it for the cosmetics!

My friend and I ended up ordering practically the same items aside from the Finishing Powder and I’m looking forward to hearing her reviews on these products as we almost always agree in regards to cosmetics.

The first item I’d like review since I just mentioned it is the Finishing Powder. I can’t begin to say how properly pleased I am with this. The powder has somewhat the same finish as Raycious powder. It’s a light, natural color that should be flattering on light and medium skin types. It did an excellent job of covering up my very weary, tired eyes! Plus it’s freaking $10 people! Cute little compact with ultra awesome powder for 10 bucks? Where can you find that? I was messing around after waking up this morning and just smoothed it under my eyes and on either side of my nose and I happened to glance in the mirror and thought WOW I look like I got 15 hours of sleep and drank about 25 glasses of water! My skin was looking happy! It comes with a cheesy, thin application sponge but as thin and crummy as it is it does the job and smooths on the powder perfectly! The powder has the words Pretty! embedded in it which is just the cute extra touch that the Muse always loves.

So what do I think? I think I need back up! Two thumbs way up!

Cynthia Rowley For Avon Finishing Powder



Two eyeshadow quads are available and at first glance I was thinking uh-oh old lady shadows (I’m old I shouldn’t say that!). The second thought that popped into my head was these are SO not going to work together. But I thought what the hell for $8 bucks I wasn’t going broke by getting both!

The two choices available are Plum Orchid and Very Violet. I haven’t tried Very Violet but I can give a healthy go ahead on Plum Orchid. The colors are pigmented enough and they look quite natural and elegant and yes they work together just fine! Much to my utter delight the back of the packaging has a nifty little “how to” for applying these and if you follow the instructions you end up with a pretty nice Autumn eye look! A bit understated for me but nice none the less. I’m shocked! How delightful! $8 dollars for a cool quad!

Cynthia Rowley for Avon Eyeshadow Palette


Very Violet and Plum Orchid

The collection also happens to have a brush set available and again my skeptical little mind was thinking how horrible these would be! But I’m happy to report that the brush wallet is cute as hell with a little mirror and the brushes are awesome! I’m particularly loving the big chunky powder brush this set came with! Three brushes and a brush wallet sets you back $15! The eyeshadow brush is fast becoming a favorite as well with it’s tiny slant it fits into my crease and contours my eye perfectly! No shedding and these are quite soft. Sweet!

Cynthia Rowley for Avon Brush Set





I picked up a lipstick and some glosses as well and again, the Muse is shocked right out of her socks how great they are! The lipstick color could possibly become a favorite of mine. I ordered Plum Orchid (four other shades are available) and it’s a luscious shade for the cooler weather and works with the entire look that the quads and rest of the collection aims to create. The lipstick is super moisturizing, applies slickly and looks beautiful on! And guess what..it cost me $4.50!!!!!!!!!!

Cynthia Rowley for Avon Lipstick



Next I tried the glosses and again how great are these! Slick, pigmented, and perfect! The glosses are just right for applying by themselves. I don’t need to stain my lips or use lipstick prior to slicking these on. The color is so bold that it goes on perfectly without the aid of an extra color under it. The two colors I got were Plum Orchid and Very Violet (all these names that are the same are confusing me). Applying Plum Orchid on top of the lip color I got makes my lips pop up and say Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo there!

Cynthia Rowley Lipgloss



Finally, the best for last, the all over face powders! I got both of these bad boys and really I think this was the one thing that had originally tempted me to purchase the collection. And I’m happy to say my original line of thought was correct these are wonderful! I got both the light/medium and the dark/medium colors and both are great! These aren’t pigmented enough to wear alone but they work wonderfully over your own blush and give a bit of shimmer and finish to your face plus they are so pretty to look at! These were $10 bucks each! Hello? $10!

Cynthia Rowley for Avon All Over Face Powder
prod 1043910 XLfinishing




The line also included nail polish and blush sticks, both of which I didn’t get.

Cynthia Rowley for Avon Blush Stick
prod 1045107 XLblusstick

Cynthia Rowley for Avon Nail Varnish

So…I guess this is where I apologize to Avon for being such a harsh critic and say just wow. I am still in shock that this collection is so good and so cheap. I guess I’ll be checking out the Avon website much more often! Hmmm I wonder what else I can try for dirt cheap……………..!

The Muse says head on over to Avon and pick some of this line up for yourself! You can’t afford not too!

Get Free Shipping using code ENTAV2007

Face of the Day using some of the Cynthia Rowley Avon Collection


I’m not entirely sure why I look shocked here. Just chalk it up as I’m so cool look! Either that or I’m too sexy for this makeup look!




What I used:
Plum Orchid Eye Quad
Plum Orchid Lipgloss and Lipstick
Finishing Powder
All Over Powder in Light/Medium
Benefit Bad Girl Mascara (Not my fav mascara in the world but it gave me a good minimal look which I was looking for this morning)
Majolica Majorca Jewelling Pencil in BK999
MAC Petalpoint Blush
Brushes I used are the ones from the collection and nothing else!