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bareMinerals Putting On the Glitz for Holiday 2011

Do your parents or grandparents go into those major speeches about how when they were little they’d walk to school in six feet of snow without any shoes on and school was 25 miles away….

Do you have family like that?

My dad happens to be a great story teller and he has a dozen stories that involve walking to school in the snow, without any shoes on, while carrying his weight in books.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I probably sound like him when it comes to makeup. Remember when BE used to have glamorous Holiday Collections?

Remember the Classic Rock Collection? How about the Bare Gold Collection or the Pure Platinum one?

Those were the days….



bareMinerals Brightening Pearl Mineral Veil for Holiday 2011

Ahh it sure has been a while since I hauled one of Bare Escentuals Brightening Mineral Veils.

I remember the first one I purchased, can’t remember the actual name but it was a pink shimmer…we all know how I feel about shimmer.

For Holiday 2011, the new bareMinerals Brightening Pearl Mineral Veil is infused with genuine Honora Cultured pearls and coasts a pearlescent glow on skin.

The powder comes in a pink pearl, mirroed compact with a Buff & Go Brush for application.

Available now at Ulta.


bareMinerals Velvet Luxe Eye Collection

Dunno about you but I’m about to start preparing to shop for the Holidays. I just want it done and out of my way so I can relax as the Holidays get closer…I hate waiting until the last minute to shop. So not a good idea.

If you’re looking for a cheap yet expensive looking makeup gift for a friend who loves BE you might wanna check out their new Velvet Luxe Eye Collection!


bareMinerals Skincare Intensive Glow Pads Brightening Treatment

I’m all about products that promise to brighten and whitening which is why I’m intrigued by the new bareMinerals Skincare Intensive Glow Pads Brightening Treatment.

The bareMinerals Skincare I’ve tried up until now has been quite good so I trust these new pads will be just as lovely.

Take a look!


Would You Buy It? bareMinerals Ready the Complete Collection

BareMinerals have launched their new line of Ready Eyeshadow Palettes officially today. The palettes have been making their way around the Internet today including on

Are you ready?

This is a big launch for Bare Minerals as they’ve never done a press shadow formula prior to this.

The real question here is, how obsessed are you with their new Ready Collection?

Obsessed enough to spend over $400 on the new palettes?