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Bare Escentuals Holiday Collection 2010 Official Release Info

Hi dears.

We’ve already discussed some of what Bare Escentuals Holiday 2010 will look like, if you missed the post do click here for a recap. I did want to bring you the full release information to see what you have in store for you if you’re a fond BE fan.

I don’t have images yet but I’ll be sure to post them as soon as I do.

Jump ahead for the complete list of Bare Escentuals Holiday Collection 2010.



Bare Escentuals Holiday Collection 2010: Bare Escentuals Beyond Gorgeous Set and Bare Escentuals Body Lingerie

I do so always look forward to BE Holiday although I will say the Holiday Collections, Sets, and Kits have changed considerably since I first started collecting the brand. Things have gotten smaller, prices have gone up, and the collections aren’t nearly as nice as they used to be but it doesn’t stop me from taking time out to explore the offerings and see what appeals.

A few bits and bobs have popped up from the Bare Escentuals Holiday Collection 2010.



bareMinerals Tutorials Library

bareMinerals Tutorials Library combines all the great worlds of the Bare Escentuals Tutorial Kits in one set with a low price tag.

So awesome.

Check it!



The bareMinerals Eye Club

When I was a kid I was quite the little tom boy and lord knows, in some cases, I still am. My best friend happened to be a boy when I was a kid (and heck I have a best friend who’s a boy now too…well he’s more a girl than a boy…) however he’d so dump me everyday at the same time when the boys across the street got home from camp. Hell, I was good for 8 hour straight of non stop games of tag, looking for bugs, and playing with action figures but once those boys came into the picture he was all manly and macho about playing with them and not me.

Needless to say I’d chase after all of them and wanted in on their little “no girls allowed” club.

After a while I got fed up and started playing with the little girl around the block and we had our own club. Boys smell anyway!

Anyway…I have one club we can all join in.

Check it!


12 of the Best Makeup Deals on the Internet

Seems like we’re all looking for that perfect deal or sale lately and companies definitely know the drill because they keep reducing, reducing, and reducing some more. You can’t walk into a store without seeing some great clearance item.

Allow me to help you in your search for the greatest bangs for your buck. Check out 12 of the Best Makeup Deals on the Internet right now and feel free to share some you’ve seen!

  1. Avon In A Wink Instant Eyeshadow Sheets
  2. Lorac Lip Polish (Review and Swatches)
  3. Bare Escentuals Fruit Smoothie Glimpses
  4. Kat Von Rock n Roll Eyeshadow Duos (Review)
  5. Stila Charmed Eye Shadow Palette
  6. Stila A Couple of Crushes (Review and Swatches)
  7. Dylan Candy Bar Candy Lip Saver Stackable
  8. EDUN for Sephora Palette
  9. Too Faced Fun in the Dark Light-Up Mirror Make-Up Palette (Review and Swatches)
  10. Smashbox Heartbreaker Lip Shine
  11. Avon Color Trend Shimmering Lip Gloss
  12. Avon Hollywood Lights Lip Gloss

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Happy Haulin’!

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