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bareMinerals A Little Sun All-Over Face Color

I hate the sun, bronzers, and anything to do with tanning but I will admit to being intrigued very slightly by the new Bare Minerals Kit entitled A Little Sun All Over.


The color in this kit looks rather refreshingly healthy and the brush is sorta making me get a case of the “I want it!” sweats. However, I do realize, in some inner part of my brain thats actually logical, that the brush is probably utter rubbish and sheds like a bunny rabbit in Spring.



I also realize, again in the part of my brain that holds logic (it’s far and between but it’s there people) that the color will be unflattering and will make my already very full face even fuller!

But for some odd reason or another I find myself wanting this kit!


The life of a cosmetic junkie is a hard one.

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Bare Minerals bareDiamond Spring Color Collection Review and FOTD

A few months ago I had purchased the Bare Minerals bareGold Pure Luxury Gold Collection from QVC. The kit came with an Autoship option for those not in the know that simply meant that they’d send me a kit every few months that was similar in style to the bareGold Collection but with a different color selection. In total it’s four kits that I’ll be getting and so far I’ve gotten two which are the bareGold and now the bareDiamond.




bareDiamond for me is a total disappointment. There isn’t anything redeeming in the kit aside from maybe the blush and brushes?!

Where as bareGold had some very lovely golds and browns bareDiamond sports lighter shades for the Spring but the colors are completely off to me.

The kit included:

Diamond Gossamer Powder
Eyeshadow in Clarity
Glimmer in Marquise
Liner Shadow in Bronze Leaf
Blush in Hint
Mineral Veil
Lipstick in Gelato
Angled Face Brush
Soft Focus Eyeshadow Brush
Eyeliner Brush
Vanity Box

First off the Diamond Gossamer is an absolute disappointment as I already have it from the Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Collection. It’s a fantastic gossamer to have and I absolutely love it but I didn’t need a second pot of this. However, somewhere in the back of my head I knew that one of the kits included a gossamer I already had so no problems I can swap or sell it off!

The eyeshadow in Clarity is a nice enough color I guess but it’s a bit blah for someone that enjoys bold shades. It’s a pale blue, slightly iridescent shade that can be used as a base, highlighter, or all over wash of color. Formula is fantastic as always with Bare Minerals however for some odd reason I had a bit of a difficult time blending this well and the look I created with it today just came out rubbish!

Clarity Eyeshadow

The glimmer in Marquise is equally awful. The color is just blah, blah, blah. It’s a dirty chrome gray mix up that doesn’t do anything for me. Again I had a difficult time blending this for some reason hmmm…I see a pattern developing here!

Marquise Glimmer

The liner shadow in Gold Leaf has some redeeming qualities. It’s a brown bronze with little sparks of gold and purple that are quite lovely however it really left me feeling un-Spring like! Bronze now? It’s Spring!

Gold Leaf Liner

Now you’re supposed to take all three of these, combine them, and come up with some gorgeous Spring look. Um no. Don’t think so.

I created mud with a bit of light blue thrown in for good measure. Actually the effect came out somewhat like the Lavshuca FOTD I did using the Aqua Noble On Palette (Click to view the FOTD).


The general idea is you apply Clarity as a base all over your eye, follow up with Marquise on the lid, and line with Gold Leaf and your finished look equals mud more or less with a bit of blue thrown in! The above FOTD was created using everything in the kit aside from the lipstick. I threw some Jill Stuart gloss on instead of the lippie that was included with the kit if you were curious what was on my lips!

I don’t know who’s bright idea it was to match up browns and beiges with lighter blues but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t WORK! Bloody hell it looks awful! STOP doing palettes and kits with blue and brown it doesn’t work I SAY (at least for me it doesn’t!).

Moving on….

The blush is actually redeemable after all the drama with the shadows and liners in the kit. I sort of liked it. It’s a dusky rose color and although it’s very subdued for me it does create a very natural, elegant look. I actually do like this and it will work well in taming down my wilder looks! Yay! One product that I actually like!

Blush in Hint

The lipstick is another blah for me. The color is rose but it has some peach in it as well! I actually didn’t even bother swiping or using it since it was so unappealing. Another one for the swap/sale bin!


Finally the brushes were pretty good! The brushes are a bit different from the previous set aside from the large Soft Focus Brush. I already have this brush from the previous sets so that’s another for the swap bin! However, the Soft Focus Eyeshadow Brush is very nice. No shedding on this and it’s very soft and works well for washing color onto the entire lid. I tried blending with it but it doesn’t work at that for that task. Overall, a good brush for general color washing but not blending or packing color on. The other brush is a slim liner brush which is also very good. It’s a thin tip brush and it works well with the liner shadow the kit came with! The brushes are different from the bareGold aside from the Soft Focus Brush which is great as I don’t have dupes now.


Overall, the Collection is a bust for me. The colors are way too weird and mixed up to create a good look, many of the items are duplicates I already have, and I just found the shadows and glimmer difficult to blend for some reason or another.

If you’re still lemming this after my poor review you can call QVC direct (this isn’t available online for purchase) and use item number A77475 to order yourself one!

The Muse gives this a big thumbs down for purchase! Waste of money, don’t bother. The good news is if you’re really loving any of this I’ll be putting up a Spring Sale page very soon so most of this will be thrown on that page for sale! Yay!


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Bare Escentuals Tropical Paradise Collection


Bare Escentuals has a new QVC exclusive kit available for $45 USD entitled Tropical Paradise. This looks interesting although the price is scaring me slightly! You may recall me ranting previously about the slight increase that I’ve noticed in BE as of late.

The set includes 7 items total which are:

  • Citron Glimmer
  • Beach Goddess Glimmer
  • Mineral-Infused Lip Guard Tropical Beach
  • Allover Face Color in Tropical Radiance
  • Tapered Shadow Brush
  • Angled Face Brush
  • White Resort Makeup Sunglass Case

Rant, rant, rant goes the Muse. $45 USD normally gets me a hell of a lot more from BE then 7 items but ok I guess. This collection looks promising aside from the price! I’m loving the aqua bluish tint of Beach Goddess and I think it complements the yummie yellow shade perfectly!

Honestly, I’m not bothering myself purchasing the set but I will defintely hound around E-bay in search of the two glimmers as they appear to be the best of the lot of items in the kit!

If you’d like to order it type in Item Number A71589 at QVC.

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Bare Escentuals Foiled Eye Tutorial Kit

So today was like the day from bloody hell! I was up at 5AM, got to work by 8:30AM and proceeded to work my butt off until 10:40PM!

Ugh! Very busy day! My office was bustling something fierce so I sincerely needed to stay over and crack down and do some major work after hours! My sister was running shotgun and we worked our way through a gazillion renewal files before heading home to get some much needed sleep!

BUT SLEEP I cannot do! Why you ask!? Because I must update my blog for you fine, gorgeous, beautiful people!

My updates were sadly lacking today due to my busy schedule so prior to laying down to rest I shall lay the ground work for tomorrow’s masterpiece entries and post them tonight so when you wake up in the AM all bright eyed and bushy tailed you’ll have plenty of new exciting “Musey” posts to read!


I knew you would be!


No problem make checks payable to Musings of a Muse! Cash Donations are welcome as well! I’m kidding, I’m kidding!

I was doing my daily browse through Nordie’s and I came across a new Bare Escentuals Tutorial Kit. You may remember I did a review on the Smokey “V” Eye Tutorial Kit not so long ago! You might want to wipe away the cobwebs and re-read the review by clicking here!

The new kit is entitled Foiled Eye Tutorial! Wahoo! Exciting! I already own a Foiled Eyes Kit from BE and I love it!


This particular kit isn’t as big as my original kit which contained two eyeshadows, one liner, and a brush. This set includes a dual ended brush and two shadows hmmm bit smaller then the original kit!

It deserves to be said that the price on BE has gone up a tad bit. The kit is $32USD and for some reason I think I need to rant about that. If you break it down that means you’re paying about $11 or so per an item in the set. Not bad but when you’re faced with two shadows and a brush in your hand I’m thinking to myself, “That’s it? That’s all I get?”. I have no idea why I’m ranting about this as I’ve been known to lay down that much for a single eyeshadow so what the hell am I complaining about? I just expect to get more from BE for less and I guess when I lay out that thirty some odd dollars I want a massive kit of awesomeness like I’m used to getting from them….am I making any sense at all?

My original kit cost me $28 USD and had more goodies then this particular kit however the lemming is strong and the fact that it’s $4 extra and I’m getting less hasn’t lessened the need and I find I want this particular kit (which means I’ll be scouring E-bay like a little demon until I possess it for way below retail cost).

I really like these little kits. I enjoy the fast, easy, tutorials they come with! The packaging is superb. It’s like makeup for dummies in one easy to do box! If you have no skill this is such an awesome way to pick up a few tricks and beautify yourself all in a few simple steps!

Anyway I guess I’m babbling!

I took some pics of the original Foiling Eyes Kit that was released about 3 years ago! As I said before I really loved this kit and this new set really appeals to me because of how much I loved the original release!

Strangely enough I just recently got two emails asking about foiling techniques! So here you go! A simple kit to achieve just what you want plus easy instructions!

These work with simple water! A drop or two and you’re good to go. If you have mixing medium around you can use that too but I find simple water from the faucet works best. I don’t normally like using a mixing agent or water during application simply because I’m a quick artist. I like to get my stuff on fast and go! When using an agent you have to wait for the first color to dry prior to placing your next color and for me that’s a bit too many steps! However, since the effect you get with these is so cool when they are wet I find that I don’t mind so much waiting on the dry down time!

On to the pics!






My camera doesn’t take the best swatch pictures in the world but as you can see from the photos the colors take on a whole new hue and dimension when they are applied wet and they get that “foil” effect to them plus they go from beautiful to gorgeous with a few drops of simple water!

This particular kit is no longer available however the newest kit is up at Nordies should you wish to purchase it! CLICK!

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Primer Wonderland

Move over Urban Decay Primer Potion competion is in the works!

I see at least two new primers available at Sephora this week!

bareVitamins Prime Time Eyelid Primer
P198218 hero

Don’t let the name full you Bare Escentuals puts this little primer out (maybe the name is a hint at what’s to come for a new line?)! At $16 it wont make me give up my beloved UDPP but it does sound interesting!

Meet Too Faced Shadow Insurance:
P202625 hero

The promise of all day shadow wear is tempting but at $17 again I’m not tempted enough to cheat on my UDPP which only costs $15 and has been tested and found true!

All these sound delightfully interesting but in the long run I don’t find myself interested in purchasing either!

Want ‘em?

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