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Bare Escentuals Classic Rock and Pure Platinum Sets

You may recall that the Muse’s wish list was updated with the Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Collection!

Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Collection
P193926 hero

Now she happened to wander onto Nordstrom’s site a few weeks back and came across the Pure Platinum collection! Oh my! Diamonds, Diamonds, and more Diamonds!

Bare Escentuals Pure Platinum Collection A Nordstrom Exclusive

I was having quite a difficult time deciding between the two sets as they looked identical to each other but I’m happy to report (Thanks to the Muse’s friend and reader, Betsy) the two sets are very different!

Betsy’s been so kind as to share images from both her collections and we can see the difference between the two!

These images are taken by Betsy’s and you can see the gossamer powder that comes with these are vastly different! On the left hand side the Classic Rock gossamer powder comes in a white shimmering powder and on the right hand side you can see the Precious Platinum gossamer powder is a silver shimmering powder! Above the powders you can see the beautifully luminous lashes overcoat and mascara. This is a dual ended mascara that has black mascara on one side and the other side has the overcoat. You can see in the photos that the overcoat is completely different as well! One is white and one is silver!


Below are images of the shadows, glimmers, and blushes included in the kit! As you can see these are completely different colors as well!


The good news is that the sets are utterly different and gorgeous! I had originally wanted the Classic Rock Collection and when I seen the Pure Platinum that was on my list but I was somewhat confused if it was the same collection! I’m now utterly adding the Pure Platinum Collection to my wish list!

Thanks so much to Betsy for clearing this up, sharing her photos, and making the Muse’s wallet scream in pain!

If you’ll looking for a perfect Holiday set to make you glamorous and gorgeous these two would be it! Each Kit is $59 and has an array of delicious goodies to keep you happy all season long! Betsy also informs the Muse that the brushes have pretty little rhinestones/diamonds embedded in the handles!


Bare Escentuals iQuad Eyeshadow Compact

Bare Escentuals has graced us with a new iQuad palette and the Muse couldn’t be happier! I really enjoy these little compacts and you get some nice product with the quad for $28.

Sadly, the newest quad is out of stock, however, I’m positive it’ll pop into stores again soon! Until then I bring you a review of last year’s quads!

Newest Bare Escentuals iQuad as seen on Sephora
P166101 hero

Last year Bare Escentuals released two of these compact quads with the a liner compact quad much to the delight of BE fans everywhere I’m sure (I’ll do a review on the liner quad another time day!).




The quads are a heavy plastic so it’s not your typical compact. It includes a brush and four loose powder shadows. The shadows each have a lid that you can flip up to use the color. Each time I flip the lid on a color I feel like I’m an artist that’s going to work on a masterpiece canvas!

(The heavy plastic on these make it easy to tote them around in your purse for touch ups!)

The colors are completely usable in both compacts and match perfectly for one to several different looks. The brush is soft, doesn’t shed, and makes application a snap! It’s rare I use one brush to apply a look but hey when you’re in a rush this little compact is a snap to use and create a genius look!

I must say that the compact is very cute and very portable however I do get slightly irritated when I snap one of the lids open I create a bit of a mess when loose powder spills out all over the place. This makes for crummy clean up and waste of product! The good news is with a little work using the compact you get a feel for it so you see less and less of spillage and more and more of snapping the lids opened and closed without suffering from waste! It just takes a bit of practice with the lids to get it just right!

(Snap Lids Keeps Glimmers, Glimpses, and Shadows Safe but makes for a bit of a mess for the unpracticed user of this palette!)

As I said the colors are all completely wearable and you can create one to several different looks and of course use other shadows in your collection to create something extremely different! The colors all contain plenty of shimmer and are pigmented. The quads include a glimpse, two eyeshadows, and one glimmer (if you know BE products you’ll know the difference between the three! If not check out Sephora’s site for details!)


(The colors are all very wearable and are gorgeous shades full of shimmer and sparkle!)

These also come with a card that gives you three easy looks to create with step by step instructions on how to achieve the desired look! Quite handy!

I’m pretty excited to see this new quad that they introduced! The colors look very Fall and will make an elegant eye look with the browns, golds, and beiges in the compact!

Sadly it doesn’t appear as if the older iQuads are available on Sephora’s site however the new one is and if you’re lemming these older ones after my review you can pick them up from QVC!

Overall, I’d say these contain a nice punch of product for the money and they simplify makeup looks which sometimes is a blessing in disguise when we are running late in the morning!

Do you have these?
Love ‘em?
Talk to me!

The Muse loves her two and she’s definately ordering the third when it pops up in stock again!

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How to Flatter a Muse

The Muse is most flattered today!

Kiss and Makeup have linked back to her review on the Bare Escentuals Smoky “V” Eye Kit!

You can view their entry by clicking here.

When a blog that I adore and love features me on their page I can’t help but be tickled and flattered over it icon wink

Thanks to the team at Kiss and Makeup for making the Muse’s Monday all the brighter icon wink

By the way check out the price on the kit on the other side of the pond as compared to our price of $32 (and I paid $30 on E-bay)!


Bare Escentuals Smoky "V" Eye Kit Review

You may remember my prior post a week or two ago about this kit. If not click on over here to have a peek!

Bare Escentuals Smoky “V” Eye Kit


I just got this in the mail today so I thought I’d review it all for you. Originally I was excited about the very interesting little brush this came with but after trying it for myself I’m up in arms about how I feel about the entire kit, including the brush.

I’m very confused whether I like this or find it useless. Mixed emotions here and it’s very difficult to say whether I can recommend this or say don’t bother. At this point I’m sort of leaning towards don’t bother but I am also feeling like this is a kinda sorta ok kit for people that find application difficult.

Hell I’m clueless when it comes to doing makeup application but I think I do ok and my blending isn’t all that bad. this is a tough one.

I guess I should start by saying that the eyeshadow this came with, pacific heights, is boring as sin and not very pigmented. You really have to work this bad boy in to get some color payment on your lid. The glimmer it came with, 1990’s, is a very nice shimmering shade of purple and pretty pigmented. I guess this evens out the score because to achieve the look you need a good light shade (pacific heights in this case) and a nice darker shade (1990’s).

1990’s Glimmer and Pacific Heights Eyeshadow

The instructions are perfect on this. I really, really give them props for good presentation on the packaging with the instructions being simple and easy to follow and very detailed!



The brush doesn’t work exactly the way I thought it would. It’s a bit difficult to use and it makes my completed smoky eye look more like a bruised eye. Maybe I need a bit of practice with the brush. Overall I’d say the brush could be a handy tool with a bit of practice.


The look it creates is similar to the picture of the girl on the cover which is a purple slanted upwards eye look. However, I’m not really getting a smoked out look to my eye after completing all the steps and using what was provided in the kit.

At least not my idea of a smoky eye look.

Can you achieve this with another brush in your collection? Yes. Do you need the kit and brush to do it? No.

I guess I’d say I recommend this for people who haven’t quite mastered eyeshadow application correctly. The instructions are a pure treat and explain in simple terms exactly how to achieve the look! The brush is good and I think it may have the potential to be great with a little practice using it. The glimmer is nice but I’m not so impressed with the shadow.

Nay or Yay?

Nay. I’d skip it. Unless, like I said, you want to learn more about shadow application and have the bucks to lay out!

Only digging the brush?

No problem! Check E-bay! Dozens around for sale!


Tis’ The Season for "Mini" Gift Sets

I’m noticing a major trend in the cosmetic gift giving selection this year. That’d trend would be minis!


I mean we obviously love full size products but hell don’t we love mini versions that we can tuck in our purses and makeup bags for touch ups here and there and everywhere?

Urban Decay has graced us with it’s mini 24/7 Kit which you can check out by clicking here.

Benefit has it’s new Powder Pop! palette available which contains mini versions of it’s popular powder line. You can droll over it by clicking here.

Stila has a mini kit of it’s lipglazes which I purchased yesterday! You can see my first impression here.

And now some more minis that are popping up at Sephora for the Holiday Season! Let’s have a look.

Napoleon Perdis Lip Couture Set for $35


Ok so these might not qualify for mini but I’m making the big assumption these aren’t the big sizes.

Next on our menu the Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes Lip Polish Set for $28


Next on our list of minis would be the Bourjois Paris Kisses From Paris Set for $18


A cocktail of lipglosses for you! Lorac Mini Mini Mocktail Bar for $25


The best deal yet (I believe this might be full size but don’t quote me on that) would be the Smashbox Light Speed Lip Gloss Collection for $29!


Tarte has a new trio of cheek stains as well which are $30 and entitled We Wish You Happiness Mini Cheekstain Set. This isn’t very new because Tarte has these as normal catalog items and plus they offer them almost every holiday season however from year to year the case they come in changes which is fun!


Minis aren’t new to Sugar Cosmetics but they always have some of the cutest minis I’ve come across icon wink This one is called Glitterati and has glitter on one end a light matching cream base on the other! The set is $32.


So..what’s so great about minis anyway? Well minis are great for toting around for touch ups plus they are so lightweight that they fit in the smallest of places which makes for easy storage! You also get a slew of variety and bang for your buck by purchasing these sets! It’s such a great way to try several items in one cute kit.

Get shopping icon wink Grab some of these as gifts while you’re at it!