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Bath & Body Works Winter 2015 Candles

bath and body works winter 2015 candles

Now Bath & Body Works hasn’t launched any of their Holiday 2015 Candles but you can get a little sneak peek of some of the Bath & Body Works Winter 2015 Candles today.

Sound like a plan?

Here’s a look!


Bath & Body Works Winter 2015 Hand Soaps and Hand Creams

Bath & Body Works Winter 2015

Bath & Body Works has a little sneak peek of Holiday 2015 up today and today they also launched the Bath & Body Works Winter 2015 Hand Soaps and Hand Creams. I’m so in Fall mode and I can’t even begin to get excited about Winter hand soaps yet but hey, if you’re gearing up for Christmas (Isn’t it 16 more Friday’s until Christmas?!) you might be excited about this collection launch!


Bath & Body Works Holiday 2015 Sneak Peek

Bath & Body Works Holiday 2015

I got a sneak peek of the Bath & Body Works Holiday 2015 Collection via e-mail today and it features the new Be Joyful Perfume that will launching this Holiday season. Why the Be Joyful Perfume excites me so much is really beyond me since many Bath & Body Works fragrances just feel like the same fragrance over and over again with some slight variations. But none the less I’m hoping for something sweet, fruity, and Holiday in nature!

Let’s take a look at some of the Bath & Body Works Holiday 2015 offerings!


Bath & Body Works Halloween Gifts Sets Arrive!

Bath & Body Works Halloween Cat Gift Set

Ok, so like, I’m pretty sure it’s a crime to admit that I don’t like Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Squinty, shifty eyes…! Sorry!? A long time ago, like say when I was a freshman or something in high school I totally loved that fragrance. But it’s such a rerun! It comes back year after year after year and it never truly gets better. I wish it was warmer, richer, but to me it kinda smells like a kid’s toy or candy or something.

When you’re a freshman in high school it’s the height of sophistication but as you get older, well, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin loses its appeal quickly.

However, I’m all about Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte although I wish it was a little stronger just sayin’!

So yeah, these Bath & Body Works Halloween Gifts are SO cute but why do they all have to include Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin!



Bath & Body Works Raises Candle Prices?

bath & body works candle price raise

Bath & Body Works always has excellent steals and deals on their candle range but I remember a time they were 2 for $20 (which seems, for some reason, ages ago). Two or three years ago that price went up to $12 each when they were on sale and now I’m seeing them on sale for $15 each.

I expected a price raise in all honesty but didn’t expect it until the new year. I think you’ll still see them on sale from time to time for $12 but they’ll likely slow phase that out. Of course, they always have coupons which helps that $15 price drop a little.

But I have to admit I’m sad to see the price raise!

Hopefully it isn’t around to stay but I know that’s likely not the case.

Thoughts on Bath & Body Works raising their candle prices?

Do share!