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Kawaii Beauty: Bath & Body Works Compact Mirrors

Bath & Body Works Compact Mirrors

Like I need another compact mirror? But the kawaii Bath & Body Works Compact Mirrors get cuter and cuter with each season. Seriously, don’t you find yourself stock piling compact mirrors and accessorizing them with your makeup bag?

Unless I’m the only one around tat does that. *shifty eyes*

I can splurge a fiver on these cute little mirrors right? I mean ALL the Hello Kitty ones I have need company otherwise they might get lonely. Either that or I need a few new faces to look at with all these mirrors I’m collecting.

Head freaking desk!


Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candles on Sale January 2012

The new Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candles are on sale! Sadness, not at 2 for $20 but 2 for $22! Still a bargain though!

Order online at and get shipping for $5.99 and 20% Off your total using promo code RMNPARADISE or click and print this coupon and enjoy 20% Off in store up until the 27th of January.

I don’t know when the candle sales end unfortunately…but I’d say probably a week?

I’m going to try and hop by my local shop later tonight and grab some of the Spring scents.

Happy Haulin’!

P.S. Soon….!


Bath & Body Works America’s Sweethearts for Spring 2013

I’m quite excited about the new Bath & Body Works America’s Sweethearts Spring 2013 fragrances. I took a brief sniff of these when I was at Bath & Body Works several days ago and I have a feeling I’ll be picking this up.

I love sweet fragrances so these def appeal however, I gotta admit, they do smell like some scent or another that Bath & Body Works put out before but I just can’t figure out exactly what fragrance they are like.

Take a look!


Bath & Body Works Printable 20% Off Coupon

Here’s a 20% Off Printable Coupon from Bath & Body Works for you to enjoy from today until January 27.

Just click here and you can print it out automatically!



Bath & Body Works Tropical Spring 2013 Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

New Year, new hand soaps from Bath & Body Works! Their traditional round up of Tropical Spring Break inspired hand soaps are in stores and online at the moment for Spring 2013.

I’m pretty sure I don’t need MORE hand soap but some of these sound delightful!