Bath and Body Works

Dear Bath & Body Works, How About a Little Lambie Love This Year?

Last year, to my utter devastation, Bath & Body Works did not introduce its Lambie Collection.

Hold me please. I get all chocked up thinking about it.

Bath & Body Works has officially launched its Holiday Shop and knowing them they have alot more coming than you are currently seeing online and in stores. They normally start slowly by tempting and teasing you with their Holiday Traditions like Twisted Peppermint and than they slowly creep in with other offerings…

I’m hopeful those other offerings will include my beloved Lambie Slippers, Blanket, and Accessories.

Are you a Lambie fan?

Miss it?

Hope to see it back this year?


C.O. Bigelow Merry Mentha Lip Shine for Holiday 2011

Bath & Body Works Holiday 2011 will be officially in stores on October 10th. If you’re been yearning for the C.O. Bigelow Holiday Mentha Lip Shines, here’s a little sneak peek at two that will be available.



Bath & Body Works Liplicious Punk & Posh Lipgloss Collection

Bath and Body Works flashes its goth card with their brand new Punk & Posh Liplicious Collection. This is where I start in on the joys of goth juice, Marilyn Manson, and Richmond Avenal

Take a look!


Bath & Body Works Holiday 2011 Hand Soap & HandiBac Moisturizing Hand Lotions

Dude…I haven’t dug into most of my Halloween Hand Soaps from Bath & Body Works and already they are pumping out Holiday 2011 ones.

Jeepers creepers!



Bath & Body Works Holiday 2011 PocketBac Collection

Good Morning Starshine, Happy Monday!

Sorry, I had some downtime this morning on Musings. It’s probably going to be a hiccup or two for the next three days until my wizard JJ at Dreamhost has sometime to look into the issue. I think it’s probably something to do with my cache but sadly, not something I can work on from my side…blah.

Anyway…who watched The Wedding of River Song? Loves it? Leaves it? Discuss if you will. I normally do a review for eppys but I simply don’t have the time at the moment so feel free to spread the cheer in my comment box, curious minds what you thought. I think it was predictable and the Moff seriously has to get his timeline down straight because there’s alot of hiccups in it lately! Best part? The Silence mocking the Boy Who Waited and the Brigadier shout out…awwww! Sniff! Rory’s become such an endearing character and the Kenny of the show, when in Rome, do as Rory does, DIE, again!

But on to beauty….!

Bath & Body Works has launched their line of Holiday 2011 Pocketbacs because seriously, at this point in our timeline we probably don’t have hands that are clean enough already….(pssfff as if, we collect Pocketbacs like Pokemon cards, our hands are SO sparkling clean they squeak when we rub them together).