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Bath & Body Works Liplicious All I Want Lipgloss Gift Set

Be honest with me, does your letter to Santa read,

“Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is EVERYTHING!

k, thanks, say hey to the Misses for me!

Your biggest fan”

If you’re that type of beauty junkie, the one that wants one of every color of eyeshadow, one of every flavor of lipgloss…ya know, the selfish, greedy type, you’ll love the Bath and Body Works All I Want Liplicious Gift Set.

This sets includes all five of the limited edition, All I Want Lipglosses in mini size that recently released at Bath and Body Works.

You get:

  • Cranberry Kiss
  • Peppermint Hug
  • Gingerbread Giggle
  • Snickerdoodle Squeeze
  • Candied Smile

The set is $16.50 and available now at Bath & Body Works.

I dunno about you but this makes me feel less guilty about hauling TOO many Liplicious Lipglosses plus it tames the wild, selfish beauty beast that demands I have one of each of every LE lipgloss that Liplicious puts out.



Bath & Body Works Liplicious Pop the Bubbly Lip Gloss Girls Night Out & Midnight Kiss

Bath & Body Works Liplicious Pop the Bubbly Lip Gloss Girls Night Out & Midnight Kiss Holiday 2011

Looks like the Liplicious Tasty Jewels have gotten a revamp this year and are now entitled Pop the Bubbly.

Ahh another round of Liplicious Lipglosses to tempt us, like we need more. Insert rolling eyes here.

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Bath & Body Works Snow Woman & Snowman Hand Soap

Still on Halloween mode here, my bathroom sink is still being haunted by the Bath & Body Works Light-Up Coffin Hand Soap but I guess I better make way for the Holidays.

Le sigh! I hate to see Fall go.



Bath & Body Works Liplicious I’ve Been Nice & I’ve Been Naughty Color Changing Lipgloss

Who’s naughty and who’s nice?

I’m making my list.

I’m always nice and ever so slightly naughty so I deserve Santa’s biggest haul dontcha agree?

But if we’re talking Bath and Body Works Liplicious I can be convinced to be both very naughty and very nice.