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Bath & Body Works Candle Sale and 20% Off

bath and body works hawaii candles

Wakey, wakey! It’s Monday. Yay (not yay!)! Time to start off your week with a little sale yes?

Bath & Body Works Candles are 2 for $24 at the moment plus take an extra 20% off your order using S155643 at

Have you smelled any of the new stuff? There’s a lot of repetitive fragrances at the moment but I did like the Praline Peach Cobbler! It’s kinda Pumpkin Pecan Waffles to my nose with a little twist of peach! It’s nice! Worth a haul!

P.S. No sharing spoilers for Game of Thrones! I had more important things to do last night and didn’t watch yet! I’m not sure how I’ll get through an entire season without having Joffrey to rant about but I’ll make due in the hopes I can perv on Jerome Flynn a little at least until Ripper Street starts (but I fear we won’t see him much)!

Happy Monday!

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Bath & Body Works Springtime Charm Hand Soaps Launch

Bath & Body Works Springtime Charm Hand Soaps

Hand soap that I am I’m super excited about the launch of the new Bath & Body Works Springtime Charm Hand Soaps! Seriously, when the plague breaks out and the zombies inherit the earth you’re welcome to stop by at my mud hut and wash your hands with beautifully smelling soaps because I’ll have hoarded enough to clean a small nation by that time.


New Spring 2015 Bath & Body Works Candles

spring 2015 bath and body works candle

Praline Peach Cobbler, Bourbon & Bowties, Georgia Peach, and Beautiful Day are just some of the new Spring 2015 Bath & Body Works Candles popping up this week! I have to admit after all this time of hoarding BBW Candles like it’s my career I still get excited when new ones launch.

Take a look at these new Spring 2015 fragrances and see if any are appealing to your little nose!


Bath & Body Works Let’s Go To Hawaii Mini Perfume Review

Bath & Body Works Let's Go To Hawaii Mini Perfume

Oahu Coconut Sunset, Waikiki Beach Coconut, Maui Mango Surf, and Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss are four Bath & Body Works Let’s Go To Hawaii Mini Perfumes that launched for the Spring 2015 season. What? Mini Perfume? Yes! Bath & Body Works not only created their Hawaiian fragrances in a Fine Body Mist but also in a perfume much to my utter delight.

And instantly, I thought of all the possibilities for future collections because I’m terribly greedy and I need more, more, more…


Because I happen to be one of those people that loves Bath & Body Works but hates how very short a time their body mists last on my body chemistry! The fact they not only introduced this collection with body mists but ALSO perfumes really shocked and delighted me. I actually enjoy their perfume formula. It’s strong, it has excellent throw, and a good deal of linger and I don’t have to layer with a bunch of sticky body lotion to get the fragrance to last.

So, I, for one, vote more perfume releases with upcoming collections please!


Makeup and Beauty Ideas for Your Easter Baskets

easter makeup and beauty

Yeah, I’m not a kid but my sister gives me an Easter Basket every year and vice versa. I even make ones for my friends! I include candy but more important I include beauty and makeup dodads that I think they’ll enjoy like lip balms and cutesy Easter themed beauty and accessorizes.

Here are some cute makeup and beauty ideas for your Easter Baskets!