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Bath & Body Work Charmed Life Collection Bath & Body Work Paris Amour Collection

I hear Bath and Body Works Holiday 2011 is going to be smoking! Sorry, is it too soon to discuss the Holidays when it’s OMG all kinda humid outside?

Christmas in July peeps! Use it to keep cool.

I’ll put a brief hold on holiday and tell you about two new fragrance collections that Bath and Body Works will be launching late this Summer and in October.

Let’s take a look!


Bath and Body Works PocketBac Lunch Box Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels & Bath and Body Works PocketBac Donuts Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels

I rarely eat brekkie or lunch but I think I’ll start packing my bento box again and include some of the new Bath and Body Works PocketBac Lunch Box Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels!

So cute!

And for dessert I can go with their new Donuts Collection!

I’m not really tired of PocketBacs yet so I had to share and squeal!



Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Sugar Lemon Fizz, Guave Grapefruit Blast, Tangelo Orange Twist

Happy almost 4th!

I’ll give you another reason to celebrate this 4th of July….new Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps in Sugar Lemon Fizz, Tangelo Orange Twist, and Guava Blast!




Caution Lots of Coconut Ahead: Bath and Body Works Signature Coconut Collection Review

I’ve been to a slew of various Caribbean islands and there’s always at least one guy on some street corner, fair, or flea market that has some sort of huge ass Silent Hill-like knife that’s splicing coconuts open and sticking a straw in ’em to drink. It’s fascinating to watch because in most cases it’s a little old man who’s popping these things!

Yeah well, that’s my story of the day! Speaking of coconuts!

Bath and Body Works takes on everyone’s favorite tropical treat for the Summer with their new range Signature Coconut Collection. That collection features fragrance mists, lotions, potions, and even lipgloss in three new scents with a heavy base note of, why yes, you guessed it, coconut baby!



Review: The Mystery of Bath and Body Works Cherry Vanilla

My geeky good nature is forcing me to tell you, HAPPY TOWEL DAY! It’s May 25th which means it’s towel day! Gosh, Star Wars Day and Towel Day all in the same month!

When I was a wee one, I read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and proceeded over the course of the next 100 years of my life to re-read it over and over and over again because it was the epicenter of my geeky youthful life. Anytime I go on vacay, holiday, away for the weekend, to stay at a friend’s place, etc….I tend to tote my own towel around simply because of that blessed book….

Granted, I wasn’t up for carrying around a towel to my office today but I did tuck a washcloth in my bag just for the sake of celebrating Towel Day…ya know, gotta represent.

So don’t panic, grab your towel, and by the way let me tell you about the mysteries of Bath and Body Works Cherry Vanilla, the memo wasn’t sent to me on this one!