Becca 24/7 Tints Kit for Summer 2014

Becca 24 7 Tints Kit

Maybe it’s finally time for me to indulge in Becca Beach Tints as the new Becca 24/7 Tints Kit or Summer 2014 available exclusively at Sephora and for VIBers contains two of ’em as well as two Becca Eye Tints!

You get:

  • 2 Becca Eye Tints in Romanticism (mauve bronze) and Gilt (golden bronze)
  • 2 Becca Beach Tints in Raspberry (deep berry pink) and Grapefruit (pale coral pink)

These weight in at 0.24 oz which is the full size and the entire kit is $44 so it’s like you’re getting them at half price!


Grab it now

This one is coming home with me!


Product Recommendations for Oily Skin

oily skin recommendations

It must be Summer now because my forehead and chin are starting to look shiny! If you have combination skin here some great products to try to battle oily skin this Summer.

Jump ahead for Product Recommendations for Oily Skin!


Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle for Summer 2014

Becca Opal Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle Summer 2014

I fear I might need EVERY single shade of Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle. Someone hold me back!

I’ve never been a beach person (ew sand and seaweed!) nor have I ever been a bronzer, tanning, or sunny glow kinda girl but the Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle might just change my entire mentality about the Summer-y glow trend.

Sign me up!


Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme Review & Swatches

Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme Foundation

Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme combines excellent full coverage in a very lightweight, breathable formula. I know lightweight and full coverage in the same sentence has to be an oxymoron of some sort but truly this formula provides excellent coverage in a formula I’m completely comfortable wearing.

I personally like sheerer coverage since I don’t require full coverage but if all full coverage products were as weightless as this I’d have no issues switching to a fuller coverage foundation product.


Becca Mineral Powder Foundation Review

I’m so not a mineral makeup lover or user. I don’t care who tries to convince me but in my opinion minerals are for oily skin types or people with perfectly smooth skin. I also stay away from minerals due to Bismuth, a fairly common ingredient in mineral foundation that makes me itchy as hell. Feels like hundreds of tiny ants are crawling under my skin! Not fun!

Mind you, none of this sways me from trying to find the perfect mineral foundation. I’ll try just about anything mineral because deep down inside I have a hidden hope that someday, some where, my mineral wishes will come true.

Becca Mineral Powder Foundation made its way onto my beauty radar recently.