Benefit Cosmetics Bling Brow for the Holidays

Benefit Cosmetics Bling Brow

True story, when I was like 13-14 I used to wear these little stick on jewels at the corner of my eyes. I dunno, I was thinking maybe I made a major fashion statement with those little jewels but now I look back and think, “What WERE you thinking?” I actually have those thoughts about past love of Vanilla Ice and NKOTB as well…

I mean did you ever think you’d reach an age in your life where you’re literally embarrassed to think back to grade school and High School? Does this mean I’m getting old?

Anyway, there was also that one time where Vajazzling was a thing and it completely entered my mind when I saw the new Benefit Cosmetics Bling Brow Set. Yeah, perverted moment.

This set is for YOUR BROWS though….!


Benefit Bathina All Over Me Scented Body Mist Review

Benefit Bathina All Over Me Mist

As a huge fan of Maybe Baby I was beyond excited about the Benefit Bathina All Over Me Scented Body Mist ($30) that launched recently for the Fall/Holiday 2014 season. First off, I adore Bathina! Each new Bathina piece gets added happily to my Benefit Collection and I have some really old pieces that over 12 years old or so when I first started collecting Benefit Cosmetics.

Benefit actually released a rather fab Bathina Soft to Touch Hard to Get Body Oil Mist last year and as much as I love it I actually prefer more of a fragrance mist so Benefit Bathina All Over Me couldn’t come at a better time especially since I miss Maybe Baby so very much!


Celebrate Benefit Holiday 2014 with These Gift Sets!

Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar

Time to celebrate Benefit Holiday 2014 with these great gift sets! Many of you are yearning for the Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O’ Powder Palette and it’s available today on Sephora. And with much delight I’m happy to report there is a new Advent Calender for Holiday 2014 as well!

Take a peek!


Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot for Holiday 2014

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Palette

Spending the holidays getting cheeky with Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot! This new Holiday 2014 Box o’ Powder Blush Palette includes several of your favorite Benefit blush shades as well as bronzer and highlighter.

Take a look!


Benefit Instant Glamification Waterproof Liner Set

Benefit Instant Glamification

You might want to call the Benefit Instant Glamification Waterproof Liner Set ($16) a little early Holiday 2014 gift! Or perhaps it’s just a trio of luscious eyeliners to get you a sultry Fall eye look.

Whatever, your bag though know that this set promises Instant Glamification!

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