Benefit Cosmetics B. Right Skincare Collection Coming in April 2011

Thanks to June for pointing out that the Benefit Cosmetics B. Right Collection will launch in the US in April. Visit for a look and visit my original post for some images of the collection!

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Benefit Cosmetics B. Right Radiant Skincare Collection shares the word of the new Benefit Cosmetics B. Right Radiant Skincare Collection this morning. Considering that Benefit hasn’t done a skincare release in a long while, you can count me excited.

Ok, I admit I’m not excited about the skincare, it’s the packaging slaying me.

Check it!


Benefit Finding Mr. Bright

It’s not everyday your favorite makeup brand promises to help you find Mr. Bright. I know I’m always looking for him.

Where is that perfect man to brighten my eyes, make me look less tired, and erase the signs of unrest and a little too much partying.


The Muse Loves…Benefit Cosmetics Crescent Row Weekly Planner

I was sharing the deets about the new Benefit Cosmetics Crescent Row Weekly Planner with you last week. The planner is free with any Crescent Row Fragrance at Ulta or get it for $10 without the fragrance purchase.

You can also purchase it for $20 from or get it free with any $85, they have a sale right now so you might be able to easily top that $85 mark if you have a gift card or Christmas money to burn at the moment.

Take the jump for some pictures of the planner!


Wants It: Benefit Cosmetics Crescent Row Planner

I’m normally super organized but the last year or so I’m a hot mess. Ironically I buy planners like they are going out of style and I’ve no idea why. I have an Iphone, I have an Ipad, I have several computers, a netbook, mac book, laptop, access to the Internet, etc…So WHY I need a paper planner is beyond me and to add insult to injury I don’t use these planners anyway since my personal and work life is still in disarray regardless how many planners I have.

The weirdness of it all.

Well to add to my disease I now want the Benefit Crescent Row 2011 Planner.

Sick, really sick.