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CK One Gloss Eyecolor Review & Swatches

CK One Gloss Eyecolor 1

CK One Gloss Eyecolor is one of five new shades of glossy eye color. These come in soft, pastel shades of color in a rather large pencil at 0.14 oz in size for $17 each.

Personally, I feel eye glosses aren’t a common product in the shadow world and I tend to migrate towards them when a brand releases one. Eye glosses aren’t for everyone, so let’s take a look and see if CK One Gloss Eyecolor is for you!


CK One Pure Color Lipstick Review & Swatches

CK One Pure Color Lipstick 4

The CK One Makeup Collection has launched and with it 11 shades of Pure Color Lipstick.

The might have jumped the shark with the details on this one. Promises of luminous color without drying lips out, shine, a lightweight, creamy hydrating finish and more are just some of the description details. But I found almost every single one of the details was a big nay.


A Look at the New CK One Makeup Collection in Pictures

CK ONE Makeup CK ONE Cosmetics 13

Seems just a few short years ago we were lemming Calvin Klein Makeup Collection at Sephora. Sadly, it lasted about two seasons (or felt like that) and disappeared quickly enough.

Lucky us, Calvin Klein ventures back into the beauty waters with a new launch of CK One Cosmetics.

CK One felt a little budget friendly to me at first glance but a quick look at the pricing and you’ll notice it goes from mid to higher end range.

It is thought out well so don’t think of it as something slapped together for marketing purposes. The range is pretty vast which means they did put a good deal of thought into but of course the quality remains to be seen.

Let’s take a peek!


CK One Makeup Launches at

CK One Makeup CK One Cosmetics 9

Great news!

The CK One Makeup Collection I told you about a month or so ago has launched at

This weekend, Ulta Stores have 20% Off (they sent coupons in the mail) so hopefully your Ulta (as well as mine) has the collection in stock.


CK One Color Cosmetic Collection

CK One Color Cosmetic Collection 4

You might remember it, you might not, but Calvin Klein had a cosmetic collection available at Sephora, not so long ago. Which means you might be terribly excited when I tell you that the CK One Color Cosmetic Collection will be launching shortly and is a full line up of over 130 products that all capture the spirit and core of the CK One brand.

Take a look!