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CK One Makeup Launches at

CK One Makeup CK One Cosmetics 9

Great news!

The CK One Makeup Collection I told you about a month or so ago has launched at

This weekend, Ulta Stores have 20% Off (they sent coupons in the mail) so hopefully your Ulta (as well as mine) has the collection in stock.


CK One Color Cosmetic Collection

CK One Color Cosmetic Collection 4

You might remember it, you might not, but Calvin Klein had a cosmetic collection available at Sephora, not so long ago. Which means you might be terribly excited when I tell you that the CK One Color Cosmetic Collection will be launching shortly and is a full line up of over 130 products that all capture the spirit and core of the CK One brand.

Take a look!


Daily Dose of Beauty: Actress Diane Kruger Announced as the New Face of Calvin Klein Beauty

Diane Kruger Calvin Klien

A little Dose of Daily Beauty in the form of actress Diane Kruger who has just been announced as the new face of Calvin Klein’s upcoming fragrance launch, Calvin Klein Beauty. Calvin Klein Beauty will debut this Fall and Diane Kruger will star in the global print and television advertising campaign.

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Steal It: Calvin Klein Cosmetics 75% Off

Calvin Klein Cosmetics

Well wow that was short lived. Calvin Klein Cosmetics are 75% Off at Sephora as of now. Much of it is already sold out, gasp, quick! But I’m sure they will restock just give it a day or two as I doubt the entire stock has depleted. It takes alot to shock me but count me pretty surprised. This was the quickest line I’ve seen that has come and gone from Sephora….I don’t think it’s yet been a year since they added it.


Well I guess now is a good time for me to finally indulge in the Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer Sheer Creme Eyeshadow I’ve had on my eye on as they are $9 bucks plus everyone had said how great the blushes are and those are a mere $11.

Get haulin’!

Come back tell me what you snag!


ck Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer Sheer Creme Eyeshadow

Ok, up until now absolutely nothing from the ck Calvin Klein line has tempted me but now I have something to be excited about!

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Read on for the deets on what has me so excited……


Don’t these look lush!? And they aren’t too badly priced either at $18 USD per a pot! I wants them all! Well maybe not all but I def have my eye on the gold one! I haven’t really dove fully into the ck line but I have to say these caught my attention in a major way!

Loves it!

Yes, yes I know I spelled Klein wrong in my picture…your Muse isn’t perfect and she makes mistakes too…she’s also too lazy to correct it! Besides it adds a certain charm to the post don’t you agree?

What’s your take on these?

Want ‘em?

What are your favs from the ck Calvin Klein line?

Tell the Muse!


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