Clinique Age Defense BB Cream Review, Swatches, Photos

Clinique has joined the realms of BB Creams being released in North America. Thus far we’ve seen BB Creams from Smashbox, Boscia, Dr. Jart, and MAC.

I’ve noticed a few main differences with BB Creams here in the US versus the many I’ve tried here from Asia, these differences include:

  • Lower SPF (15 to 30 but no higher)
  • Lack of anti-aging ingredients
  • No whitening properties
  • No Acne, skin treatment ingredients
  • Lack of pigment

Of course, these things are to me what makes up a good Asian BB Cream however, North American standards are somewhat different particularly when addressing whitening ingredients, this is understandable and the lack of such an option in our BB Creams can be overlooked but other things such as anti-aging ingredients, lower SPF, etc…is rather disappointing.

Clinique released it’s BB Cream in Asia several months ago and most recently we are able to purchase it here in the US.

Let’s take a look at Clinique Age Defense BB Cream and see if it lives up to Asian standards.



Clinique Black Honey Shimmering Tones Powder


Listen close.

The Clinique Black Honey Collection is getting a big fat yay for Fall. Have you hauled it yet?

Was it a yay for you or a nay?

If it was a yay you’ll want to indulge in a brand new piece of the collection available exclusively at Sephora, take the jump to find out what it is.



Clinique Age Defense BB Cream Swatches

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 is finally available in North America! Yay! It recently launched at Sephora and hopefully counters will soon it soon as well.

I purchased both shades to swatch and review on Musings but haven’t had a chance to test them out yet but here are swatches for both Shade 1 and Shade 2 to whet your appetite and possibly help you decide the best shade for your skin tone.



Clinique Black Honey Collection Available Now at Sephora

Nordies was one of the first counters to get the Clinique Black Honey Collection and for a second there it seemed like it might be exclusive to them but I’m happy to report (after a reader mentioned it in my comment box) that is now up and available online at

I suspect you’ll see it from Clinique very soon too if you’re holding out for a GWP.

Happy Haulin’!


Clinique Black Honey Collection Review, Swatches, Photos

Dude, dude…anyone watch Alex’s awkward Regis and Kelly interview. WTH!?

Man, I winced but I guess being interviewed my Regis, who has a tendency to shout out questions, can be overwhelming. Thoughts?

That evil eye he gave Regis at the start had me lol’ing!

Anyway……….Finally I bring you the Clinique Black Honey Collection that’s available now at Nordstrom (not sure when it’ll launch elsewhere but if you’ve seen it anywhere else do shout it out).