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Cover FX Radiant FX Luminescent Powder Review and Swatches

I’m thinking I need to glisten all night long. That’s ok right? I’m sorry I can’t help myself, I do like to glisten and sparkle and shine……

Cover FX Radiant FX Luminescent Powder 1

I’m glinting crazy cool today as I used a bit of Cover FX Radiant FX Luminescent Powder in my moisturizer.

Jump ahead to do the shimmer with me.


Summer Must Have Makeup: Cover FX Powder FX Review

Benefit Hello Gorgeous has been my BFF for a while now. I truly adore this powder especially for warm Summer days when my best friend Jai is using my forehead as a mirror…you know what I mean right? You have those days too dontcha?

I recently discovered Cover FX Powder FX and I’m thinking that Benefit Hello Gorgeous and myself could still be friends just not BFF anymore……oh hai Powder FX wanna go steadies?

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Well wow I do believe that Cover FX Powder FX is possibly the most richly pigmented powder I’ve come across to date. I’m talking seriously pigmented. I’m talking covering up everything and the kitchen sink pigmented. I’m talking making me look all fresh and gorgeous with under 5 hours of sleep. Oooo I want to hug and pet it and maybe sleep with it tonight.

Seriously, loves it!

Cover FX Powder FX is a mineral foundation available in some ridiculous color line up. I swear if anyone complains they can’t find a correct color for their tone available from this line up we can no longer be friends. With 20 or so shades to choose from I’m going to go with, yes they have your color.

The powder is deeply pigmented as I stated so it’s going to work double duty at creating an incredible canvas for makeup. It makes me skin so very smooth and…well it makes me look perfect. The powder is supposedly enriched with oil absorbing qualities and I can account for that as it sticks around on my face for a nice long wear without a crop up of nasty shine, sorry Jai best find a new mirror! Cover FX calls the finish sheer to medium matte coverage I call them crazy. What? You can totally get heavy coverage from this! The powder is totally good enough for heavy, medium, or light coverage depending on how wild you go with your sponge or brush. It is a mineral foundation but it wears lightly and doesn’t feel like a mask nor does it cause an outbreak of the itchies (I’m talking to you BE!). It’s oil-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free so you’re getting smooth, even coverage minus the gunk.

With proper prepping and priming I can get about 5 to 6 hours wear from the powder without touch ups in between. It wears incredibly well for a powder. It manages to not only even out my complexion but create a flawless finish to my skin. The powder is thick enough to conceal large pores, minor acne, and other flaws. It’s ideal for oily skin as it mattifies so very well.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Powder FX and do believe we’ll have many adventures together the remaining weeks of Summer. If you’re looking for something to mattify your skin while creating a picture perfect canvas for makeup, Powder FX is the way to go. Loves it!

Muse Approved for purchase. Finally a foundation powder to love!

P.S. If you noticed my skin looking all kinds of nice in some of my recent FOTD’s you can blame it on this powder.


Wants It: Cover FX Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer

The Muse is thinking if anyone knows how to create a concealer it would be a company that makes it their business to flawlessly cover a girl daily

Cover FX Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer? Yea…gotta be good!

Jump for it!

Cover FX puts out a line of richly pigmented foundations to create a flawless canvas on our faces. Striving for perfection in ever product they create is part of what they do so why not introduce a concealer to hide and conceal flaws…where you been all my life Conceal FX?

Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer ($25) is a lightweight, smooth, velvet finish concealer with long lasting, stay put coverage that’s water resistant. I’m thinking my eyes will love you. Emollients soften delicate skin to ease blendability and the formula is a hi-def one too making it all camera friendly….yes well we’ve already established that hi-def makeup probably isn’t really needed in everday life but hey I’m not fighting it…please make me as perfect as possible? K, thanks!

As for me, I’m concealer queen so I’ll be trying it and letting you know the deets.

Anyone interested?

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Cover FX Natural FX Water Based Foundation Review

If it’s extra coverage you desire in a thick, creamy formula, Cover FX Natural FX Water Based Foundation may be what your skin seeks!

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Available in a generous size tube, I do mean generous as a little goes a long way, with an SPF 15, Cover FX Natural FX Water Based Foundation is a good start to creating flawless skin.

I’ve been muddling around with this for a week and I’ve finally decided it’s a solid foundation that I really like. The formula is a thick, creamy moisturizing base not unlike that of a tinted moisturizer but no where near as runny. You can 1. wear it on it’s own or 2. mix some in with your moisturizer for a more dewy finish. It could be considered drying to some but simple prepping and priming prior to use will get you an even, easy to blend finish.

The foundation is rich and heavily pigmented so a tiny bit goes a very long way. Although Cover FX advertises it as sheer to medium coverage I do believe you can take it one step further and go with full coverage. I’ve found prepping is key for applying any Cover FX products so be sure to use a gentle exfoliater prior to use, followed up with a light serum or moisturizer, and finally a primer.

On my dry skin the product works best when mixed with a drop of moisturizer and applied by hand however if my skin decides it wants to be oily I find application with a sponge easier particularly a slightly damp one. Coverage is quite flawless and evens out skin beautifully well hiding minor to heavier skin problems such as acne scarring, redness, etc….coverage feels very light without the heaviness of the actual product.

I have M40 here and I think I need a little bit lighter as this was a tad too orange on my face however it still managed to even out my skin tone, erase dullness, and even acted as a concealer due to it’s heavy pigmentation.

Overall, quite a great foundation particularly for those who have problem skin or have a need to cover up more.

Anyone try?

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Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation Review Cover FX Clear Prep Review

My quest for flawless skin recently led me to Cover FX. Has anyone played about with Cover FX at all? Do share your stories in the comment box, curious minds what you think!

Cover FX can only be classified as a tricky little foundation that when applied correctly will give you hours of long wearing flawless skin but when applied incorrectly will have you sobbing on your bathroom floor shouting to the heavens, “Why, Jebus, Why!?

Click ahead for my raves and rants!

Available in a ridiculous amount of shades you’re guaranteed to find at least one shade out of over 30 that suits your tone. On top of an incredible selection of colors Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation also has an SPF 30. SPF 30? You’re kidding? That’s a super serious amount of SPF in a foundation that can be purchased in the US. If you laid out any Asian brand that had that much SPF in it I’d fail to be shocked but anything within the US with that much SPF, whoa, seriously cool. Already I’m impressed.

What it is?

Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation is a maximum coverage cream foundation for covering minor to major problems. Ok, you can’t think this is going to cover tattoos or anything crazy like that because it has maximum in the details but I do think it’s quite pigmented and you can get medium to full coverage (I wouldn’t recommend too full a coverage as the product will look a tad bit over done by caking it on) using it.

It’s oil free and fragrance free which makes it a good choice for oily, acne prone skin types, in fact it’s suggested for such a skin type. The foundation has a certain amount of tack and stick somewhat like the texture of Stila Convertible Color that allows for the product to have an extensive wear throughout the day without it oxidizing, fading, or just disappearing.

Although I was expecting a moisturizing cream, it is in face a very densely packed cream which makes blending a bit of a problem. This is where my rant comes into play….You need to take serious care and consideration when applying. Much like Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation which I just reviewed for you, you’ll need proper prepping and priming to get the cream onto your face and blended to a flawless finish. You may find yourself at first frustrated and disappointed at the results but with proper application you’ll be delighted at how well it looks, feels, and wears. My rant is minor in the fact that I tend to rush things and this needs a little TLC to get it properly applied.

The foundation is best applied with a sponge applicator (slightly damp if you like) and smoothed on in a very thin layer. After application smooth your clean finger tips over it to create an even coverage. One thin layer should give you decent coverage but you can ever so slowly build up for better coverage.

As I mentioned prepping is key. Do not to moisturizer your face too much if you’re skin is dry. Instead use a moisturizing mist, let dry slightly so your skin is dewy and follow up with Cover FX Clear Prep FX Primer or the primer of your choice. I do recommend using Clear Prep FX Primer as it made by the same company who is keeping in mind that this will be used with it’s foundation. This is a particularly good primer as it’s made to mattify the skin and treat acne. If you’re oily I’d skip the mist and just head straight for the primer as it’ll treat both your acne and oily spots. The primer is silicon based so it does have that slightly strange feeling on the face but it absorbs nicely and leaves behind a powdery finish which makes applying the foundation a breeze as the product is left to sit on top of the primer rather than directly on your skin. This is an important point as it allows for a longer wear.

The results…

When prepped, primed, applied, and finally blended correctly you’re left with very nice coverage that evens out the skin tone, hides redness (I think it’ll be a particularly great item for hiding redness), and creates a good, flawless working canvas for makeup.

When applied in correctly…

Expect a mask like, muddy look if you aren’t careful so just go slowly…don’t be like the Muse and rush it or you’ll end up on the bathroom like I mentioned above!

I didn’t set the cream with powder after but just proceed to leave the house with it on. It lasted from around 8 in the morning to about 5 in the evening. Please keep in mind I wasn’t outside in the heat for most of that time so I can’t say how it performs out side but indoors it doesn’t need much of a touch up. It simply stays on.

Overall, I wouldn’t say it’s my HG foundation simply because I prefer a bit more of a moisturizing foundation but those with skin woes or lots to cover this could prove a life saver.

Who might like it?

  • Anyone with oily, acne prone skin!
  • Those who want to hide minor acne scarring, redness, freckles, or minor skin perfection.
  • Those who desire an oil free foundation.
  • Anyone who wants a long wearing foundation that doesn’t fade.

Cover FX is worthy of a look at for sure. I do recommend heading into Sephora for a swatch and a play as ordering online could prove difficult when presented with that many shade options.

Anyone a Cover FX lover?

Change your life?

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