DuWop Blue Venom

DuWop Blue Venom

Some folks dislike DuWop Lip Venom in a major way….I personally love it. It might be painful but it’s a good kinda pain that makes my lips look all lush and pouty.

For fans of the stung you’ll be delighted to know a new formulation of Duwop Lip Venom awaits you.


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DuWop Caribbean IcedTeas Lip Treatment Review, Swatches, Photos

DuWop Caribbean IcedTeas Lip Treatment 001

DuWop released three new IcedTeas Transulcent Lip Treatments with their Isla Sirena Collection. These aren’t a new idea by any means as DuWop had a tinted version that I reviewed in a prior post they are however, available in new, refreshing flavors.

Let’s take a look!

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DuWop Isla Sirena Review, Swatches, Photos

DuWop Isla Sirena Collection Photos 14

If you’ve been curious about the DuWop Isla Sirena Collection today I have a treat for you. One of my readers, Sarah, took time out of her busy day to review a ton of the pieces from the collection.

Thanks Sarah! We all appreciation it in a major way!

Without further commentary from me here is Sarah’s review of the DuWop Isla Sirena Collection!


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DuWop is Sorry! So It’s Time To Shop the DuWop Isla Sirena Collection!

DuWop Isla Sirena Collection 3

I was pretty delighted to hear from the nice folks that handle Public Relations at DuWop today and they kindly apologized about the delay in the Isla Sirena Collection.

We forgive you guys! Just don’t let it happen again k?

On that note, I apologize for being so impatient to get my hands on this collection. We are even now!

In all seriousness, it was a nice they took the time out to contact me about the mishap and I appreciate it greatly particularly because it means brands are REALLY listening to what we have to say!

The good news?

Well, DuWop Isla Sirena can now be yours!

Check it!

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Review, Swatches, Photos: DuWop Angel Washes are Cool Now! Pirates are NOT!


I are has lol’s at DuWop for finally releasing their Isla Sirena Collection. Translation: I’m laughing my ass off that the Isla Sirena Collection finally launched.

Jebus Christo people. It’s July, Pirates released in May! Who’s your marketing executive? Fire them! I’m off my pirate kick people and I’m on to wizards and He Who Must Not Be Named. It’s JULY damnit! It’s Harry Potter time. Mermaid and Pirate time be so over dood!

I’m officially over this collection and I do solemnly swear I looked but did not buy a single piece. Proud of me much?

Although…I can’t promise I won’t indulge if some sale pops up!

But DuWop stays near and dear to my heart regardless of their little pirate-y mishap (yo ho ho no pirate’s life for you DuWop) and I’ve happily incorporated their Angel Washes into my Summer regime. I love these!

DuWop Angel Washes 1

Check ‘em!

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