The LOLS Keeping On Coming with the DuWop Sirena Collection

DuWop Sirena1

I’d just like to briefly interrupt today’s flow of posts to LOLS at DuWop.

I’m kinda over it now DuWop.


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WTH? Still? Hello DuWop Sirena Collection Can You Make It To My Makeup Stash This Summer?

DuWop Sirena

I are still waiting patiently….

See you soon?

k, thanks!

P.S. I’m kinda over Jack at the moment and onto Harry Potter, The Green Lantern, and True Blood…let’s speed this up before I lose interest completely!


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DuWop Isla Sirena Collection Coming Soon….

DuWop Isla Sirena Collection

It’s coming….


Check it shop.duwop.com

For more deets CLICK here.

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DuWop Isla Sirena Collection Where Are You?

DuWop Summer 2011

On Stranger Tides flies into theaters this weekend much to my delight. I’m quite eager to see what adventures Captain Jack gets into this time! Well, I’m actually eager to see what the other Captain Jack gets into as well this Summer but I’ll settle for the Johnny Depp version first.

DuWop Isla Sirena Collection Torchwood

As you know from a very early post I did, DuWop has some sort of collaborated effort that was tied in with the film’s release. Sadly, Sephora discontinued carrying a majority of the DuWop catalog outside of Lip Venom…can you say WTH? Why? I’m still puzzling over that. DuWop has made some crummy business decisions in the past (Hellllllllo Twilight Beauty!) but actually yanking the line from Sephora, well, I’m hoping it wasn’t by choice.

This year we failed to see a Spring Collection from the brand which I hope means that they are gearing up for the big release of the Isla Sirena Collection but I am worried.

Moral support please?

With Pirates releasing on May 20th…what are they waiting for to get this collection onto to the table? Might they actually launch it Friday? It would be pointless and a bad marketing choice to launch AFTER the movie release dontcha think?

It seems one UK beauty site has been saying they’ll be stocking it since April but they still having a “Coming Soon” banner posted…however, the good news is you can actually add items to your cart so perhaps they are indeed sure of its arrival.

DuWop Isla Sirena Collection Summer 20111

Let’s take a peek at better images and details for the DuWop Isla Sirena Collection and pray we get it very soon.

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DuWop No Longer Available at Sephora

DuWop Cosmetics

Hey, is DuWop no longer available at Sephora?

As of now the entire DuWop catalog has been removed from Sephora.com and only two products are available, Twilight Venom and Twilight Venom Blush, that’s it!

I was checking to see if they might have updated with some of the Spring offerings but the entire product line has been removed.

Does this mean Sephora won’t carrying the line anymore?

Sad sigh! I sure will miss it, it’s a fav line of mine!

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