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Korres Eyeshadow Quads

Korres has some gems in the eyeshadow world. Take for example, the gorgeous shade of Plum that came with the Sugar Plums Gift Set.

Total must have peeps!

Korres has sets of shadow quads available for a while now but I never really took a sec to blog ‘em.

Take a peek!


Korres Sunflower & Evening Primrose Eyeshadow $6

Korres Sunflower & Evening Primrose Eyeshadow is $6 on www.Sephora.com in six shades. I actually own a few of these and love ‘em so definitely can recommend a purchase particularly at this price.

Shades available at this price are:

  • Ivory 14 (luminous ivory)
  • 22S Orange (soft orange shimmer)
  • 34S Golden Brown (deep bronze shimmer)
  • 42S Green White (light mint green shimmer)
  • Metallic Grey 55 (grey shimmer)
  • 64S Pink (light pink pearl shimmer)

I’m placing an order shortly at Sephora and think I’ll haul the Orange, I don’t own that shade and I’m kinda obsessing over oranges lately.


Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation Review, Swatches, Photos

When Bare Minerals started breaking out on the scene I was all about trying it myself. Flawless, lightweight coverage? Yes please! Now this was years and years ago, I’m talking about infomercial days. I instantly ordered a kit, proceeded to get it, and was sorely disappointed at how awful it was.

Till this day I’m a big fan of what Bare Escentuals has become but still can’t tolerate their mineral foundations.

I’m now always quite wary of trying out new mineral foundations, they simply aren’t my bag, but I was curious about the new Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation for a number of reasons plus I love and trust the brand so if anyone was going to excel at mineral foundation it had to be Korres right?

Let’s have a look!


Korres Milk Proteins Cleansing & Make Up Removing Wipes Review

Dontcha just love Korres Pomegranate Wipes? Damn, the smell of those things is addicting! If you love those you might be interested in the new Korres Milk Proteins Cleansing & Make Up Removing Wipes.

Check ‘em!


Korres Wild Rose Brightening Mineral Foundation

The new Korres Wild Rose Brightening Foundation has a heck of alot of awesome going on for it however it is a mineral foundation which I’m always meh about but it is talc free so that might help the awful itchy, OMG ants are running around under my skin feeling that I get from mineral foundations such as BE.

Check it!