L’occitane en Provence

L’Occitane en Provence Pivoine Flora Makeup Collection

L’Occitane en Provence Pivoine Flora Makeup Collection 8

L’Occitane en Provence’s original collection of makeup absolutely made my day. I remember being quite excited about the launch and very pleased with the overall products they released.

Every since that faithful day near a year ago L’Occitane has added to the catalog and even released collections during various seasons.

I’m happy to share the news of the L’Occitane en Provence Pivoine Flora Makeup Collection that released yesterday for Spring 2011.

The collection is inspired by the graceful peony which dances like a ballerina in the Mediterranean breeze, L’Occitane unveils its stunning color collection of luminous springtime hues and velvety textures enriched with softening peony extract.

Let’s take a look!


L’Occitane Pivoine Flora Eau de Parfum

LOccitane Pivoine Flora

L’Occitane embraces the delicate peony flower again this year for their new Pivoine Flora Eau de Parfum. Last year, I quite loved their ode to the Peony flower so I’m curious about this year’s fragrance although it does promise to be a more greenier floral.

Let’s have a look!


L’Occitane Plum Blossom Collection


L’Occitane Almond Apple Cleansing Oil Review

Part of L’Occitane Almond Apple Cleansing Oil’s appeal is fact it’s so readily available, cheap, and seemed like it would smell amazing! Add to that the fact that L’Occitane dubs it a great one for dull skin and hell, I was on board!

LOccitane Almond Apple Cleansing Oil 1

Let’s have a look shall we!


L’Occitane Fleur Chérie Makeup Collection

LOccitane Fleur Chérie Makeup Collection 2010

Good Morning! I’m working furiously to get through comments today. Just wanted to let you know I am fairly behind on comments but I’m trying to reply as fast as possible. I got about 482 to go so I made a major dent in them!


I was browsing L’Occitane yesterday in the hopes I’d find some great gifts for my sister, sadly didn’t happen, kinda a rehash of products she already owns, and I came across the new Fleur Chérie makeup collection. It seems L’Occtaine releases a new makeup collection each time they have a new fragrance release. Stepping back in time for a second, if you recall, their Peony Makeup was also themed to fit along with the Peony Eau de Toilette’s release.

I think I kinda like this idea!

A fragrance and a matching themed makeup to go along with it.

Let’s have a look!