Lorac Fall Collection 2010

Lorac Fall 2010

Lorac doesn’t get nearly enough attention as it justly deserves.

Today Lorac Fall Collection 2010 is rocking my world and I’m having a damn hard time not ordering everything on Sephora.

Check it!


Lorac Hollywood Hot List Collection Review and Swatches

Ok peeps! Time for a little couch diving! See if you have some extra change under those couch pillows along with last month’s cheetos because you need $30 bucks to use on the new Lorac Hollywood Hot List Collection.

Lorac Hollywood Hot List Collection 4

You need it.



Beauty Indulgences Under $20

20 makeup

If you want to indulge but simply don’t have the cash to spare this is the post for you. Check out various beauty bits and bobs all under $20. You’ll see many fine steals and deals that will set you back a mere $5 bucks or less.

Happy haulin’! (Btw check out retailmenot.com to find various coupon codes)

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Choosing the Best Facial Primer For Your Skin Type

Facial Primer

Some cosmetic junkies wouldn’t consider makeup application without proper prepping and priming first. Facial Primer for me hasn’t always been an essential part of my regime however it is an important makeup application step since it can prolong the freshness of your foundation, fill in fine lines and pores, and just allow your overall makeup to last longer as it creates a solid base between your foundation and your face.

Choosing the best facial primer for your skin type can be a little confusing so it’s best to understand your skin type prior to choosing the proper primer for it.

Jump ahead for a brief guide to facial primers.


Lorac Little Black Palette Review and Swatches

Ahhh Lorac I think sometimes you get overlooked but I always look forward to your releases particularly your Summer Collection 2010 which is wow’ing me (but than again just about ever makeup release wows me…!).

Have you check out the Lorac Little Black Palette? Just like everyone needs a little black dress, everyone should have a Little Black Palette.

Lorac Little Black Palette 5

I think you’ll love it!