Lush 2013 Exclusive Perfume Collection

Lush 2013 Exclusive Perfume Collection

It’s that time of the year again kids! The Lush 2013 Exclusive Perfume Collection is a limited edition fragrance round and Chat Party that features your favorite Lush fragrances available in a custom blended perfume that are only available for a limited time.

Here’s info about which scents will be made into perfumes this year!


Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel Review

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel ($10.95-$29.95) is a new limited edition body wash from Lush that launched with the Christmas/Holiday 2013 Collection. I find there are two sets of Lushies when it comes to Rose Jame. Those who love, those who find it a little overwhelming.


I like being different.

So I’m in the middle.

I adore the scent but sometimes I realize it can be headache inducing. I have the perfume and of course, I have Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner and Rose Jam Bubbleroon but I have to use them when I’m in the mood so to speak.

In the case of Rose Jam Shower Gel I’m always in the mood especially when I’m washing my hair with it because the scent is positively addicting.


Lush Sikkim Girls Beautifully Perfumed Body Cream Review

Lush Sikkim Girls Beautifully Perfumed Body Cream

Lush Sikkim Girls Beautifully Perfumed Body Cream ($29) is a unique body cream made with jasmine flower that Lush recently introduced with their Christmas/Holiday 2013 Collection.

For those Gorilla Perfume fans out there you’ll recognize the Sikkim Girls fragrance as it was a perfume prior to the idea of a Perfumed Body Cream ever was thought up! This is fabulous if you love the Sikkim Girls Perfume as now you have a body cream to pair up with your favorite scent.

Take a look!


Lush Celebrate Body Lotion Review

Lush Celebrate Body Lotion

Love Lush Snow Showers? You’ll adore the new Lush Celebrate Body Lotion ($29.95)! Lush Celebrate Body Lotion is really new, especially if you live in Japan, as its been a staple of the Japanese Lush Skincare Collection for a while now.

But finally, bless be to the Lush gods, we get Celebrate Body Lotion just in time for the Holiday season! And we can hope and pray that it’ll stay on well after the Holiday season (just wishful thinking on my part so best get moving and stock up on this gorgeous lotion now before it disappears!).


Lush Holiday 2013 Chat Party Today

Lush Christmas Holiday 2013 Collection

The annual Lush Holiday 2013 Chat Party is today!

Join Lush as they get ready to launch their Christmas/Holiday Collection with exclusive products, trivia, prizes, a chat with your favorite lushies, and more!

The party starts at 2:00PM up to 9:00PM (PST) to take part!

Maybe I’ll see you there! Gonna try and pop my head into chat if I have a second today!

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