Lush Holiday 2011 Lush Christmas 2011 Collection

I haven’t been following the Lush UK Forum but I know they are partying down on October 5th…I had thought this would be when they launch Lush Christmas Holiday 2011….however, they have announced it already both on the UK and NA site…since I haven’t been tracking the going ons maybe this means they’ll have some special Halloween goodies available during the forum party? As it seems Lush has skipped right over Halloween this year…


How about Lush Holiday 2011 for now?

You game?



B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful Holiday Catalog Photos

I’m terribly sorry…what started out as a single post ended up becoming two posts and now three….

But here’s some more of the B Never Holiday Catalog that I’ve been posting photos of. I hope you’re enjoying this series. It’s a nice way to reminiscence about the brand if you were a fan or if you never tried B Never it’s kinda nice seeing what it was all about.

B Never is a company Lush Cosmetics built up that carried a array of not only posh Bath and Body product but also makeup as well.

If you missed any part of this series please click here and here for my two prior posts and jump ahead for a look at some more of B Never’s offerings including their makeup collection which I think you’ll love as much as I did.



B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful Holiday Catalog Photos Part 2

When I started my little project to photograph the entire B Never Holiday Catalog I thought it would be done in two posts…but turns out the catalog is huge so this is post number 2 and they’ll be another post shortly.


If you missed post 1 please click here.

I started this project because I was feeling nostalgic about Lush’s sister brand, B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful when I came across a Holiday Catalog from several years ago in my closet. I quickly wanted to share some of what B was since I know many of you are Lush fans but not everyone remembers B Never.

Do jump ahead to experience some more of B Never’s offerings.


B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Holiday Catalog Photos

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful was the glamorous side of Lush Cosmetics. Old school Lush fans will take note that items from B Never’s catalog have popped up from time to time at Lush and most recently in the Gorilla Fragrance Collection.

I’ve loved B with all my heart and was really crushed when they closed shop.

Le Sigh…!

I was cleaning out my makeup closet recently for Fall and I came across one of B Never’s old Holiday Catalogs and I really wanted to share it with you so I took a ton of pictures but damn I need to do this one in two parts.

So do jump ahead to enjoy some of what B Never offered us!



Lush Cosmetics Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

Argan Eyeshadow, argan serum, argan eyeliner, argan blush…


Enough with the Argan already.

Maybe not because Lush has a new Argan Body Conditioner. I’ll let Lush get away with it!