Lush Lip Dip Lip Scrub Review Lush Bon Bon Lip Scrub Review

Whether you deem it Lip Dip or Bon Bon, Lush’s new Lip Scrub is a hit! This sugary sweet lip scrub is made from cranberry seed oil, berries, and lemon to get lips soft and smooth.

Check it!


Lush Snow Fairy Lip Tint Review and Swatches

I hoard Snow Fairy Shower Gel like a crazy lady. I love the stuff. I get several bottles each year for fear that the next time Lush releases its Holiday Collection that Snow Fairy won’t be included.

I should know better.

It always comes back but still the fear that it won’t is a very, very, very real thing. Imagine a Christmas without Snow Fairy? Gasp! Horrifying to even consider.

Lucky enough Snow Fairy is back again this year and even though it graces my shower 365 days of the year, thanks to my hoarding tendencies, I’m still happy to hail its return. Happy days Lush has extended the graces of Snow Fairy to a lip tint too!

Check it!


Lush Lady Catrina Soap Review and Photos

Man, Halloween isn’t even here yet and Lush NA sold out of its Dead of the Dead Collection before I blinked.


The good news is the collection is still available and ready to ship to you from the UK. Thank god because I think I need back ups of Lush Lady Catrina Soap.




Lush Wonderful Christmas Time Gift Set Because You Want Everything!

I’m sadly the type of person that wants it all. This could prove costly but I can’t help myself. If I see a pair of sneakers on sale that offer a white, pink, and black option I have to have all three shades. I can’t simply settle for one pair, it’s way to difficult to make the choice of actually picking a color and seems way easier to just pick all three.


I know I’m not alone here.

If you’re the indecisive type and simply must have it all you’ll absolutely love the Lush Wonderful Christmas Time Gift Set because…


It’s everything.



Lush Iced Wine Jelly Review

I never really liked Jello. I commonly associate it with hospitals and horror movies. I mean do you really want to eat something that wriggles? Who knows what lays beneath all that. I bet if you left it on a table long enough it would slide right off under the guise that it was simply left out too long but we all know it’s EVIL!

Was The Blob a good upstanding citizen? NO! It almost consumed Steve McQueen and it did consume a mechanic, a janitor, and a bar room full of late night drinkers! HORROR! Why should you trust Jello in your stomach with a track record like that or for that matter in your shower!

Lush Iced Wine Jelly recently made its way into my shower. I’ve tried Lush Jelly in the past and I def don’t trust ’em but I can’t deny some of them smell oh so gorgeous but I bet that masks an evil good nature.

Hopefully I won’t be consumed in the shower while I use it….if I am, remember me fondly would you?