Lush Mother’s Day Collection: Lush Mum’s Day Collection

Lush Spring 2010 Lush Mothers Day

Mother’s Day falls shortly in the UK and in celebration a new Lush Mother’s Day Collection has sprung up! You can haul now as Lush UK ships worldwide or wait for it to come across the pond.

Either way you can see it now by taking the jump!


Lush Canada Collection

Lush Canada Collection 32

Lush is celebrating Canada…I dunno, could be an Olympic thing, could
be because Lush North America is located in Canada, who knows and who cares because it means delicious new Lush for us so bring it baby!



Lush B Electro Shower Gel

Lush B Electro Shower Gel

I admit that the temptation of purchasing Lush B Electro Shower Gel is riding me hard. I didn’t love Lush B Electro Soap so why I’m wanting to try out the shower gel is truly beyond me but sometimes we can’t take the time to analyze these things, we should just go with our gut feeling.





Beauty Battle: The Skin Food Wash Off Masks Versus Lush Skincare Masks

beauty battle

Let me tell you a story…..hopefully you like these long stories I get into. Ok, so I’m a big Lush skin care fan but lately I’ve been cheating with Korean brand, the Skin Food. This stuff is really great for my skin and I’ve been using it’s super power human strength to make my skin glow.

One thing I’ve never been too big a fan with when it comes to Lush is their face masks. I love some of the interesting promises that the masks make but I’ve never actually experienced the benefits for myself after using them. They are nice to have items but I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing incredible, awe aspiring results from ‘em!

I discovered The Skin Food Face Masks and I swear I can’t live without this good stuff! Now we’re talking results!

I’ve pitted The Skin Food Wash Off Masks against Lush Face Masks in a Beauty Battle. It’s easy enough to see who’ll win this battle but take the jump to find out for yourself!


Lush Scent Dupes: Lathers & Lights Lush Rock Star and Lush Candy Fluff Dupes

Lush Scent Dupes 1

The Muse loves herself some Lush, with a passion. I’ve been a Lush fan as far back as Cosmetics To Go (If you’re a Lushie you’ll know all about CTG) but I’ve always wondered at their mentality over at Lush. Some of my very favorite scents never make it into products I’d really love to see scented with them. Like I’d love a Snow Fairy scented shampoo, granted I can use Snow Fairy Shower Gel in my hair but still I’d adore a shampoo and conditioner scented like this!

The good news is you can find dupes, damn good dupes, of all your favorite Lush scents.

Jump ahead for the deets!