Lush Zeste Hair Gelly Review

Lush Zeste Hair Gel

Lush Zeste Hair Gelly is a new hair gel that Lush recently introduced to its permanent collection! As a rather big fan of Lush King of Mods (and the long since gone Goth Juice, just because of the name alone mind you) I was quite excited that Lush Zeste Hair Gelly decided to make an appearance!

Let’s check it out!


Celebrate Lush’s 200th Store Opening With Me and Win a $200 Gift Card!

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Lush200th Store

This giveaway is now over.  Congrats to Alex on Twitter who won the gift card!

Today Lush is celebrating it’s 200th Lush Store Opening at the new Lush store located in Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto! Be sure to head over for your chance to celebrate with some great giveaways in store!

To celebrate the launch of the new store here on Musings of a Muse, Lush was kind enough to offer up a $200 gift card you can use online or in store!

To enter to win simply head onto Twitter and tweet the following: RT & Win a $200 Lush Cosmetics Gift Card @MusingsofaMuse to celebrate the opening of Lush’s 200th Store @YorkdaleStyle Center #Lush200

A winner will be selected and alerted via Twitter later tonight!

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Lush Fruity Beauty Shower Gel for Summer 2014

Lush Fruity Beauty Shower Gel

If you were to ask me what my favorite part of being a Lushie is, I’d tell you shower gel! That’s why I’m ever so excited about the new Lush Fruity Beauty Shower Gel for Summer 2014!


Lush D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap for Summer 2014

D-Fluff Shaving Soap

Lush D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap is for the chicks (and for the lads that shave their legs) that enjoy shaving with a lotion of a shaving soap. My sister is a strong believer, supporter, and proselytiser of shaving your legs with lotion or body cream. I haven’t embraced it myself because I find lotion clogs up my razor and it’s difficult to rinse away the lotion and it just dulls my blade faster. Even though lotion really gives skin a super extra close moisturizing shave I’ll stick to shaving cream thanks very so much!

Lush D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap is a new creation that combines fresh strawberries and cocoa butter to give you a close shave.


New Lush SPF Moisturizers for Summer

Lush Million Dollar Moisturizer

Lush Million Dollar Moisturizer, Lifesaver, and Sesame Suntan Lotion are three new Lush SPF Moisturizers that have launched for Summer 2014.

You might just be a fond fan of Lush moisturizers, I can’t leave without my Gorgeous, so I find it great the now Lush has SPF in their some of their newer Moisturizers as this was lacking in the line!