MAC Stylistics Color Collection

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It appears MAC has quite a gorgeous collection in the works for us this Holiday season! Rumors are abound and everywhere the Muse looks some new information is popping up about the latest “It” collection from MAC!

This could have the potential to be HUGE, as in the best collection I’ve seen released from MAC in quite a while!

The collection won’t be out until November 29th but it hasn’t stopped the spread of rumors, speculation, and general chitchat about this exciting limited edition color story!

Here’s what the Muse has gleaned so far from her travels through cyberspace:

Check out Beyond Beauty Basics for an interesting little article about the collection!

Not only is there a new Holiday color story to look forward to but a limited edition fragrance entitled Air of Style that will be released as well! From what I’m reading the scent will be extremely limited and once it’s gone it’s gone!

The total collection is gem encrusted so these should be some pretty gorgeous compacts ala MAC Couture from last year! Which brings up another topic! I am wondering if this is similar to Couture’s release last year. Couture was released something in November I believe and than soon after Formal Black popped up! I’m wandering if Stylistics is merely a tease and prelude to the real Holiday color story! We shall see!

Some interesting little photos of what could possibly be part of the collection have cropped up!


The moral of the story is save your pennies because come November you’ll be flat broke after purchasing some of this collection! I’m already shaking in my designer flats!

My very tiny collection of MAC Couture from last year:




MAC Smoke Signals Haul

I just got in from Nordies with my little haul of MAC Smoke Signals in tow. Sadly, Blue Storm didn’t make an appearance so I’ll have to wait a little longer to get my hands on it.

I ended up purchasing two eyeliners, two pigments, and the two quads. I left the lippies, nail varnish, and blush, none struck me as must haves.

Overall it’s a great collection! I think I got the pick of the best items and the rest are pretty much leave ‘em, not need ‘em. The blushes weren’t anything to write home about, the nail varnish are nice but I tend to bite my nails so not too worth it for me, and the lipsticks just weren’t wowing me.

The quads are a must have and the best I’ve seen from MAC in quite a while. All the colors work well together in these which is rare since a majority of the quads I get from MAC have colors that seem to never work well for me and I end up scratching my head trying to firgure out what sort of eye look I could possibly create with the quad.



The two liners are also must haves in my humblest of humble opinions! Raven is a deep maroon color that really will look great with Lovestone and Cranberry! Orpheus is an equally gorgeous shade.


The pigments weren’t anything to get too excited about. Silver Fog is shown as Limited Edition shade but it’s a normal MAC Pro item. This is exciting if you happen to not have a MAC Pro in your general area but if you do have a Pro shop it’s just a snore. I picked this up as I never did bother getting it from my local Pro shop! It’s definately a very nice pigment! Smoke Signals is very bizarre not sure what to do with this little guy it’s a bit reddish, a bit brownish, and maybe even a tad bit purple thrown in! Not sure how this fits into the smoky eye look but count me as challenged, I aim to create a look with it. Dark Soul is a regular catalog item and not entirely worth the $20! Unless you’re a collector you can do away with purchasing such a large jar of black piggie! Just stick to a sample from E-bay or forums!


If you’re purchasing your lot in store be sure they give you one of the postcard booklets! It’s rare they give postcards out anymore so this is a nice item if you happen to collect MAC postcards! It includes all the looks featured in the video plus some face charts on the back! And it’s free! We like free stuff don’t we?





Overall a nice offering from this collection!

Do check out the MAC website to see a great video of Eartha Kitt glamming it up! It so fits with the theme of this collection!

MuseTV Presents Smoke Signals (I’m sorry this one is crummy guys! I’m just a bit drained today).


MAC Smoke Signals

in MAC


I guess blue wasn’t good enough for MAC so they decided to go ahead and release some black to go with that blue! Black and Blue how very our credit cards that is!

MAC releases Smoke Signals and right on time might I add with Fashion Week around the corner and cooler weather to come, some smoky eye looks are just what we need to ring in the Fall!

I’ll be nabbing some of these goodies tonight with Blue Storm! Check back later for some pictures, first impressions, and reviews!

MAC’s Smoke Signals Color Collection

Gentle Fume Eyes x 4 (LE)
* Rondelle – Light silver with white pearl (frost) (repromote Danse ’06)
* Carbon – Intense black (Matte) (perm)
* Gentle Fume – Mid tone grey with silver pearl (velvet)
* Waft – Deep blue grey (matte)

Smoking Eyes x 4 (LE)
* Next to Nothing – Cream white with pink pearl (frost)
* Smoking – Black with gold pearl (velvet)
* Showstopper – Muted grey (matte) (repromote Icon: Diana Ross ’05)
* Satin Taupe – Taupe brown with silvery bronze shimmer (Frost) (perm)

Kohl Power
* Raven – Black with red pearl (LE)
* Orpheus – Black with gold pearl (LE)

* Mellow Flame – Coral pink with red pearl (lustre) (LE)
* Burnin’ – Rich wine (amplified cream) (LE)
* Brew – Cream beige (lustre) (repromote High Tea ’04) (LE)
* Barely Lit – Pink sand with gold pearl (lustre) (LE)
* Sparks can Fly – Cream rose (LE)

* Illicit – Neutral pink (LE)
* Bare truth – Warm caramel (LE)
* Soft and slow – Soft rose with gold pearl (LE)
* Bizaarish – Burgundy with pearl (LE)

Powder Blush
* Emote – Grey brown (LE)
* Ablaze – Coral rose (frost) (LE)

* Silver fog – (PRO) (perm)
* Dark soul – Charcoal black smoked with gold (perm)
* Smoke Signal – Deep maroon

Nail Lacquer
* Nocturnelle – Rich black (repromote Nocturnelle ’06)
* Wildfire – Black with red pearl


MAC Blue Storm

in MAC

bluestorm 390

Something to get excited about! MAC’s latest color collection, Blue Storm, looks quite amazing! I adore blue shadows so this is something that’s right up my alley!

I believe PJ may be getting into the Blue Storm spirit of things as well! Please check out A Touch of Blusher to feed your need for all good things Blue!

And since I already read the blog of blue I’ll feed my need by heading over to my MAC counter and picking up some Blue Storm goodies for my very own! Stay tune for pictures, first impressions, and maybe a video! Oh My!

MAC’s Blue Storm Color Collection

* Blue storm – Royal blue with blue and silver pearl (frost) (LE)
* Cumulus – Cream grey with silver pearl (frost) (LE)
* Cloudburst – Black with blue pearl (velvet) (LE)
* Thunder – Rich blue with purple pearl (frost) (LE)
* Stormwatch – Deep teal (matte) (LE)

* Lightning – White silver with silver sparkle (frost) (LE)
* Lull – Pink lilac (frost) (LE)
* Atmospheric – Rich grape with red and gold pearl (LE)

Kohl Power
* Feline – Black (LE)
* Mystery – Black with green and teal pearl (LE)

Nail Lacquer
* Whirlwind – Metallic royal blue with green blue and purple pearl (LE)
* Rainy Day – Metallic gunmetal grey with lilac pearl (LE)


MAC Painterly and In3D

So…………..I went against my word in my prior blogs about Painterly and In3D and I went ahead and purchased some of the bits and bobs that were released!

First off I should say that I’m not completely sold on Painterly yet! Lots of tugging to be had during application which kinda freaks me out! But I’ve decided maybe applying with a brush is the way to go with these! You can see my very first review and FOTD with Delft in a prior blog! When I seen the display basically some of the colors sorta screamed at me and thus I walked away with 4 colors!

Moss Scape


These are great colors and I’m looking forward to trying to convince myself to love these!

I also ended up snatching up some of the new technakohls because really we can never have too many eyeliner pencils right?

I ended up getting:


I also happened to fall in love with In3D! These shocked me as I’m not normally MAC’s biggest cheerleader when it comes to their glosses! But these are a good solid product and I think they should keep this formula around! It doesn’t have the normal sponge applicator but a brush like applicator which I love! I always feel like a brush applicator catches more product and you don’t have to keep dipping and layering! Some of the colors were just really gorgeous and pretty pigmented to the point that you won’t need stain or lipstick under these!

The colors I ended up getting were:




I did rant a bit in my last blogs about these new color stories but overall a nice haul of products this time so I take back some of the rants icon wink

MuseTV decided it wanted it’s time in the spotlight as well so I present a video of MAC’s newest color stories (Sorry for my lack of enthusiasm I’m just dead tired tonight so these videos aren’t so great)!


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