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MAC Shop Together

One of life’s greatest joys is shopping with my best friend Jai. He shares my passion for makeup more than any of our other mates and we have such a brilliant time when we hit up counters together.

But who’s to say you actually have to leave your house with your best mate to have a great time?

MAC Shop Together brings the in-store shopping experience to you online with a new innovative technology, exclusive to MAC for the next 6 months which enables customers to share real-time, synchronized shopping sessions with friends.

The online experience creates a relaxed environment to shop the latest MAC collections and get your friends advice on your choices!

All you have to do is log into and you can launch an instant messaging session with up to five of your fav friends to discuss products, shades, and content available on the website. You’ll have the ability to invite your friends to join in via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or IM.

It’s an exciting, new and easy way to tackle the world of online makeup shopping with the advice and recommendation of friends.

MAC Shop Together launches Friday, April 22.

MAC Shop Together was created to serve as a platform to bring together fans of the brand to one central hub to discuss products, launches and enhance the overall consumer experience. M·A·C Cosmetics has over 1.7 million Facebook fan who already engage with the brand and each other so this is a natural evolution in consumer interaction.

Granted, there is nothing in the world like shopping out with my best mate, having a giggle, and a bite to eat after our big hauls but sometimes friends who are abroad or online friends I can’t experience the same joy with so MAC Shop Together is the perfect solution to enjoying a day of shopping with them!

What do you think of MAC Shop Together?

Great idea, loving it?

Oh noes not something else to do online, I’m not loving it?

Do share!


MAC Fashion Flower Review, Swatches, Photos

MAC Fashion Flower 7

I was pleasantly surprised with the MAC Fashion Flower Collection as I didn’t realize they would have a cute floral imprint on the shadows and Beauty Powders. Did anyone know about that? It was news to me.

I got the shadows and Beauty Powder in yesterday’s mail so here’s some swatches and a review.


MAC Big Bounce Shadow Review, Swatches, Photos

MAC Big Bounce Shadow 25

I’ve been muddling around with a few shades of the new MAC Big Bounce Shadows from the MAC Flighty Collection. Yesterday I wore a shade out and today I’m wearing another shade.

I think I’m about ready to share my thoughts here…

Take a look!


MAC Flighty Collection

MAC Flighty Collection 3

We already discussed the MAC Flighty Collection a fair bit but I thought you’d appreciate seeing the official details and photos from MAC. Do let me know what you’re hauling!

Curious minds!

Take the jump for a peek!


MAC Fashion Flower Collection

MAC Fashion Flower Collection 2

The MAC Fashion Flower Collection launches April 28th and looks quite pleasant and Spring-like. They should have released it this week as the collection has an Easter vibe and I’m pleasantly surprised to see all the shadows have a floral imprint on them! I didn’t know about that.

Take a look!