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Mally Mystery Bag Contents for Holiday 2014

Mally Beauty Mystery Bag

I thought I’d reveal the Mally Mystery Bag contents today! If you ordered the Mally Mystery Bag feel free to skip this post so the surprise of the contents isn’t ruined for you but those that didn’t order it and might be curious what was inside well, here’s the deets.

Mally Mystery Bag Contents

The Mally Mystery Bag was offered on Black Friday and again, on December 10th for $25 and promised to include $178 worth of Mally products.

Take a look!


Mally Mystery Bag for $25

mally mystery bag

Mally has a Mystery Bag for $25 which has over $178 worth of Mally Beauty products inside. What they are? No idea! That’s why it’s a mystery bag :) but hey for $25 can’t beat it right?

Grab it now at

Happy Hauling!


Mally The Fragrance Review

Mally The Fragrance

I picked up Mally the Fragrance during the 30% Off on Mally Beauty purchases last week. I’ve wanted to try Mally’s first perfume ever for a long time but QVC was only carrying a duo of the perfume and I was a little scared to indulge.

Some people are a little scared of going into a fragrance purchase blindfolded and unfortunately buying something like Mally the Fragrance online was indeed a blindfolded purchase for me. I can’t say I haven’t purchased fragrances like this before because I have! I’m brave like that or really stupid haha…!

I haven’t yet been burned by doing so though but Mally the Fragrance as kinda no go for me. Not because it smelled horrible but just because it wasn’t what I expected.

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Mally Beauty 30% Off

Mally Pro-Tricks Eye Shadow Palette 6

Enjoy 30% Off your total order (no code necessary, discount taken at check out) and receive a Pro Tricks Eye Palette on orders $150 or more TODAY only (pictured above). Sale ends Friday 11/28 so get shopping!

Happy Hauling!


Mally Beauty Fearless Collection Review & Swatches

Mally Beauty Fearless Collection Review & Swatches1

The new Mally Beauty Fearless Collection and Tote is a new QVC Collection that features six full size Mally Beauty makeup products housed in a very cute tote! My sister was looking this over yesterday and ended up ordering two for Holiday gifts.

It’s a really nice set as it’s a great intro to Mally makeup products or an easy way to replenish some of your favs plus it’ll only set you back $50 which rounds out each product inside to a mere $10 bucks before shipping!