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Mally Clear Poreless Face Defender Liquid

Join QVC for Beauty’s Best! It begins August 26 at 10 PM (ET) and all day August 27, 2011, with a 26-hour beauty event.

Throughout the day there will be some brand new launches offered at great values one of which is new the new Mally Clear Poreless Face Defender Liquid. I don’t have official details for the product yet but it looks like it’ll be a liquid version of the Poreless Face Defender I’ve been raving about.

This will be $40, Item Number AA218005.

You can watch Mally’s Presentation from 2AM-PM (ET) August 26, 2011.

I’m looking forward to checking this one out!


Mally Beauty Defend Your Beauty Collection QVC Today Special Value

Mally has a brand new Auto-Delivery that’s launching on QVC September 23rd.

The Mally Beauty Defend Your Beauty Collection will include 7 products, 3 of which are Worldwide Launches.

Let’s take a peek!


Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Lip Balm Duo & Gentle Lip Scrub

Mally Perfect Prep Lip Balm Duo & Gentle Lip Scrub is a brand new trio set available from the brand which features two smoothing lip balms and a gentle lip scrub to get lips smooth, hydrated, and soft.

Check it!

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Mally Ultimate Performance Long-Wear Inner GlowBlush

Although I’m slightly obsessed with keeping my makeup in place most of my obsession is keeping my eyeshadow in place which luckily I succeed at thanks to Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I do believe I’ve come to terms with the fact that just about everything else will disappear as the day progresses but thank god my shadow remains in tack.

One thing I’m really not concentrating on is whether or not my blush will hold out through the day but I love the idea of someone that’s already thinking about it and creating products to keep it locked in place.

Thanks Mally!

Mally’s new Ultimate Performance Long-Wear Inner GlowBlush has a nifty, built in way to keep blush locked in place for all day wear. A primer for your blush?

It could happen!


Mally Beauty Couture Blush

I’m currently trying to figure out why Mally Beauty Couture Blush is offered in a host of different colors?

Couture Blush is one of those fabulous perfect shades of blush for everyone type deal so what’s the point having different colors if it’s customizable to every skin tone?

Regardless, the formula is interesting as it has tiny pigments suspended within the blush which burst and release color as you blend. The more you blend the deeper the color becomes. The blush is supposed to be customized to your skin tone however it comes in various colors which is good considering in most cases blushes that promise that “perfect you shade” don’t always turn out as promised or expected.

Shades Available:

  • Rose: a light, rosy pink
  • Berry: a deep pink
  • Bliss: a soft, medium pink
  • Flourish: a vibrant, brightening pink
  • Romance: a soft, peachy pink

At $25 for 0.5 oz I’m not rushing out to buy this one quite yet even though the formula sounds temptingly long wearing for Summer.

What do you think?

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