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Mally Nourishing Lipstick Review & Swatches

Mally Nourishing Lipstick French Kiss

Mally Nourishing Lipstick in French Kiss is a new tinted lip balm launching in the Mally Simple Steps to a U, U Love Set tomorrow as a QVC Today’s Special Value.

I actually thought this was a lipstick when I first ordered it but it’s more of a tinted lip balm that’s quite like my beloved Tarte Lip Butter Lipstick formula so I really enjoyed it.

Take a look!


Mally Poreless Perfection Fluid Foundation Review & Swatches

Mally Poreless Perfection Fluid Foundation1

The new Mally Poreless Perfection Fluid Foundation debuts this month on QVC as a Today’s Special Value in the Mally Simple Steps to a U, U Love Set (review and swatches of the set are upcoming shortly).

As of yet you can’t purchase Mally Poreless Perfection Fluid Foundation on its own as it is debuting in the QVC Today’s Special Value Set for July but I’m positive it’ll be offered shortly after as an individual purchase. Considering the set has seven full size Mally Beauty products for $59.99 I’d say it was worth hauling just to get your hands on not only the new Poreless Perfection Fluid Foundation but several other Mally products for as little as $10 bucks each!

Anyway, I’m most excited about the Poreless Perfection Fluid Foundation since it not only combines the very POPULAR cushion makeup trend but also a true to second skin coverage that I’m sure many will love!


Mally Cushion Makeup Debuts in Mally Simple Steps to a U,You Love Collection

Mally Cushion Foundation

The new Mally Poreless Perfection Fluid Foundation, Mally’s new Cushion foundation, debuts in the Mally Simple Steps to U, You Love Collection later this month in a new 7 piece makeup collection.

Cushion makeup is becoming huge in the US finally and I’m happy Mally has her own formula now too!

Take a look!


Mally All Over Color Skin Brightening Blush

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Mally Cancellation Concealer Review & Swatches

Mally Cancellation Concealer 8

It seems like too long ago I purchased the Mally Cancellation Concealer System! This kit used to come with a single concealer and a transparent pressed silica powder to set the concealer as well as a dual ended brush for application.

Recently I noticed the new Mally Cancellation Concealer Palette on and realized she revamped the original set quite nicely. Now the concealer and powder is housed in a single palette where as before it came with two single compacts. I know that most folks hate the idea of powders and cream in one place but I actually felt like this made the compact more travel friendly and I honestly didn’t feel like I was getting powder into the cream concealer at all when using it so I think I’m quite cool with the new packaging! It still comes with the same great double ended brush as well!

Let’s check it out!