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Mally Beauty High Shine Lip Treats Available on QVC

Mally Beauty High Shine Lip Treats
Mally has her upcoming QVC Today’s Special Value to get excited about this weekend! So I set my Tivo to record as I’ll be away but lord knows I can’t miss Mally’s presentation to see what sort of deals she’ll be featuring all weekend long.

Recently, I blogged about the new Mally Evercolor Lip Lacquer and obviously Mally is a role with lipglosses as she has a new High Shine Lip Treats Lipgloss Set I really want to get my grubby hands on.

Take a look!


Ulta Welcomes Mally Beauty

Mally Beauty at Ulta

Ok, for those who complain that they can’t get Mally Beauty outside of QVC here’s some good news!

Ulta now carries Mally Beauty!!!!

From Mally Face Defender to her popular Cancellation Concealer and beyond Ulta is stocking up on all your favorite Mally Beauty products.

They even have some sets as well for as little as $49!

You’ll also be able locate all your favorite Mally products at both and select Ulta stores in August!

Good news yes?


Mally Evercolor Lip Lacquer for Summer 2013

Mally Evercolor Lip Lacquer
Do want this trio of Mally Gel Lip Lacquers that launched on QVC recently. Best part these Gel Lip Lacquers apparently have a paddle (spatula) for application. 99% of all Asian brands embrace the plastic paddle applicator and believe me if you haven’t applied gloss using one it is LIFE changing.

Take a look!


Mally Pro-Tricks Eye Shadow Palette Review & Swatches

Mally Pro Tricks Eye Shadow Palette 19

Ahhh Mally Pro-Tricks Eye Shadow Palette wanna be best friends forever? This fabulously overstuffed compact features eyeshadows, eyeshadow base, and eyeliner along with one of Mally’s great eyeshadow blender brushes gifting you with all the essentials for creating some killer eye looks for Summer.

Eyeshadow palettes are one of my biggest weaknesses, ok, maybe just palettes in general. I’m kinda a blush girl and a palette girl. Two of my very favorite beauty fixes! I dunno what it is about palettes. The variety perhaps? I love getting more beauty and a palette always has a wide variety of shades to try out or even several products. Variety is the spice of life after all!


Mally Beauty Easy on the Eyes Wardrobe July QVC Today’s Special Value

Mally Beauty Easy on the Eyes Wardrobe July QVC Todays Special Value

Mally has an upcoming July QVC Today’s Special Value with her Easy on the Eyes Wardrobe. The Mally Easy on the Eyes Wardrobe is available in two shade selections of either warm or cooler shades.

It’s also available on auto delivery so you can get new seasonal colors of the palette upcoming in October and February 2014.

Take a look!