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Mally Beauty Face Defender BB Cream Foundation

Mally Beauty Face Defender BB Cream Foundation
Word on the street is Mally has a BB Cream….Mally Beauty Face Defender BB Cream Foundation, wait, what? BB Cream Foundation? Which is it? Foundation or a BB Cream?


Mally Instant Erase Concealer Review & Swatches

Mally Instant Erase Concealer

Mally Beauty Instant Erase Concealer recently launched on QVC with a blending brush. I admit, the blending brush, it kinda sold me. Also the fact that I’m a huge concealer h0r! I owned and used Mally’s Cancellation Concealer Set for a very long time and it was my HG (holy grail) for literally ages thus that love led me to my purchase of Instant Erase Concealer recently.

If Instant Erase is as great as her Cancellation Concealer I was surely in for a treat!


New in Beauty: Mally Beauty Age Rebel Hydrating Make-up Primer

Mally Beauty Age Rebel Hydrating Make-up Primer

Heads up Mally has a new moisturizing primer. Mally Beauty Age Rebel Hydrating Make-up Primer just launched on QVC this Friday night. Although I would NOT know about this because I’ve been a good girl and haven’t set my Tivo to record anything beauty related on QVC.

This probably won’t last long but I’m enjoying my small sign of willpower just at the moment.

A reader told me about this one (thanks Holly) so of course, I had to peek a little bit. But that doesn’t qualify as cheating on my no beauty Tivo rule.



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Mally Beauty Micro-Fiber Mascara Primer

Mally Beauty Micro-Fiber Mascara Primer

I’m running low on my Too Faced and Essence Mascara Primer so perhaps I’ll check out Mally Beauty Micro-Fiber Mascara Primer next. I’ve becomes obsessed with these brush through fibers since Too Faced introduced their Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System.

At some point I was NOT about fiber mascara or primer as I always felt like I had a lash in my eye. However, formulas seem to have evolved and Mally’s in particularly sounds intriguing as these aren’t your typically white fibers but black ones.

Take a peek!


QVC New Beauty, New You 2013

QVC’s first beauty even for 2013, New Beauty, New York kicks off Thursday at 11PM with a range of brand new beauty goodies for Spring 2013 from skincare to color cosmetics!

I dunno about but my week is crawling so Thursday seems years away so for those of you that can’t wait you can already preview some of the new products that QVC will be premiering from Thursday January 17 (starts at 11PM EST) and continuing all day Friday.

Take a look at some of these products and see if any will make an appearance in your Q cart.