mark On the Dot Eye Color Compact and mark Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette

Just so you know Matt Smith is partially nude on this month’s GT UK. Geronimo!

I showed my friend Sam but she doesn’t appreciate such find things in life (but I made damn sure to get an airmailed copy to give to her next time I see her hehe) so I thought I’d share it with my other fellow geeks around here. Enjoy, no need to thank me. Heavy sarcasm here.

And let me just do the math….calculator in hand…looks like 2 covers of GT for Matt and NONE for David.

Great way to start your Monday off know?

On to the makeup my dears….

mark On the Dot Eye Color Compact and mark Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette is a better way to start off the week!

Check ‘em dolls!


Mark Fall Collection 2010 Featuring Mark Lipclick Full Color Lipstick

If your beauty budget for Fall 2010 isn’t of the huge variety you might want to check the mark Fall Collection 2010 as they have some inexpensive offerings this year that should please beauty junkies on a budget!



Daily Dose of Beauty: mark The Big Fix 15-in-1 Benefits Balm

Gosh, help me out here, didn’t someone already do a 15 in 1 fix it balm already?

Well, at least this is a budget version!

Check it!


This or That

If you’re all about being friendly on your wallet here are a few great ways to save some money on your cosmetic purchases with products that have a lower price tag but are a dupe for some of your favorite higher end lemmings.



Cheap Beauty to Love On

Ahhh….who doesn’t like a good deal? Some of you REALLY like a good deal and in some cases aren’t interested in dishing out $15 or more on makeup. It’s ok, some of us just aren’t up for splurging on cosmetics particularly in this economy. I’m sadly of the mentality that you get what you pay for but let’s be honest here, sometimes cheap isn’t THAT bad right?

If you’re wanting cheap check out the slide show below for a few steals and deals to get your Cheap Beauty Love On!

If you’re reading via RSS please visit my blog to enjoy the slideshow embedded in this post!

Feel free to tell us about your cheap beauty loves!

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