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New in Beauty: Luna Twilight DuWop Blush Lip Venom

duwop new beauty

Hey chicks!

If DuWop Lip Venom V wasn’t quite your shade, it wasn’t mine either no worries, perhaps you’d like to retry it out in a blushing shade of pink?




Beauty News: Juice Beauty Makeup Collection

Juice Beauty Cosmetics 0

Visit www.juicebeauty.com and you’ll notice a few warning signs in your adventures that will hint at what’s new, what’s up, and what’s coming soon to Juice Beauty!

Juice Beauty Cosmetics

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Earth Day Beauty Picks: Stila Earth Day Sunset Palette and Stila Earth Day Minerals Palette

Earth Day

I admit I’m not the most green friendly makeup user in the world. Gasp! Sorry. I try though. I’m feeling a little Earth Day beauty lovin’ today though when I seen the new Stila Earth Day Palettes.

Oh my!



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Cake Beauty Citrus Squeeze Sinfully Smoothing Brown Sugar Scrub Review

Oh baby almost the weekend now. Thank the gods above as I can use a little R&R. Whatcha up to the weekend, any cool plans? I wanna hit up MAC tonight as my best friend Jai and I were gobsmacked over Christine’s swatches of MAC Pret-a-Papier. Holy shiz! Dude, who knew it was that great?

I really though the collection was boring as hell at first glance of the promo images but its SO me. The collection features some mighty great shades of peach and coral that I must has please like NOW. So yup, a MAC hit is in our future tonight.

Oh totally off topic but I got this weird dry patch of skin going on above my eyelid, like around the brow area, and its basically driving me BONKERS! Yak! I’ve been applying and reapplying moisturizer but it just looks all scaly and flaky, not cool. /rant over.

Speaking of dry bits and pieces, my elbows and knees need serious helpings of moisturizer. They are currently out of hibernation today as I wore a Spring dress to work, not a good idea btw its freezing, so I had a hard scrub down with Cake Beauty Citrus Squeeze Sinfully Smoothing Brown Sugar Scrub.

Cake Beauty Citrus Squeeze Sinfully Smoothing Brown Sugar Scrub 1

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Happy Earth Day: Earth Day Beauty Picks

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day chicklets!

Earth Day is a day to appreciate and raise awareness about the Earth’s environment. What better way to appreciate both the environment and ourselves than with a round up exciting products with green friendly packaging and ingredients.

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

Jump for a peep at some fun Earth Day Beauty Picks!